Slack vs. Microsoft Teams. Which corporate tool to choose for business?

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Starting and building a business is a complex process that requires experience, knowledge, and resources. Every manager on the way to success faces a lot of problems and challenges that need to be solved in time. A lot depends on the effectiveness of the decisions made and the optimization of work processes. Fortunately, today it is possible to solve most organizational tasks with the help of IT services, and the market is flooded with offers. Which digital platform should I choose for my business? What advantages and disadvantages do they have? Let’s look at and compare the two most popular enterprise platforms. They have long established themselves as powerful tools for business. We are talking about Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Why do users choose Slack?

What is the best proof of the effectiveness of a service or product? Of course, we are talking about the number of active users and the percentage of positive reviews. Everything is fine with both indicators! The platform has millions of active users from all over the world. Among the company’s clients, there are both small IT teams and startups, as well as well-known brands, for example, Google or Amazon. More than 90% of all reviews note high results when using Slack for the functioning and development of projects. Therefore, it is not surprising that this tool occupies a leading position among applications and platforms for business. Should you implement Slack technologies in your project? Yes, if you want to get the following benefits!

Advantages of Slack for business

Users who choose Slack primarily choose great features at an affordable price. Don’t be put off by the fact that the developers position the application as a corporate messenger. Indeed, the standard functionality of the platform is designed for communication and interaction between participants. The business application offers communication in private/public channels (local chats), voice messages, file sharing, and editing. Each team member can customize the interface to their preferences, configure important notifications, use keyword/key search, etc.

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An important advantage that distinguishes Slack from many competitors is the ability to use multiple applications from a single workspace. How to do it? You can integrate the necessary service into the shell of your project. Slack app directory offers more than 2.5 thousand popular products from well-known IT companies and market leaders. Thanks to this approach, you can combine everything necessary for work and development in one place, taking into account all the nuances and needs of your business. All third-party integrations are divided into appropriate categories, helping to navigate faster and install the necessary tools. Thus, Slack turns from a messenger into an effective application for project management, organization, and optimization of work processes and improving the efficiency of teamwork.

Mobility plays an important role today. There are often situations when it is necessary to react quickly to changes. Don’t worry about it. Slack is adapted to all popular systems. You can install and use the app on any of your devices, from PC to smartphone. Stay up to date with the latest developments and do not miss important events!

Microsoft Teams is an effective corporate tool

Slack is an effective and flexible tool for project management and development. No wonder it is so popular among startups and businesses. However, it is not the only one in the digital market. There are other powerful and multifunctional platforms. Among them, Microsoft Teams stands out the most!

Teams is a corporate application from a well-known company. It deservedly occupies one of the top places in the list of the most popular business platforms among users. As with Slack, Teams boasts millions of active users and thousands of positive reviews. Some dissatisfied customers note frequent failures after updates. Nevertheless, the developers react quickly to such statements and eliminate all errors, bringing the product to perfection.

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So, Microsoft Teams is a corporate product for organizing, optimizing, and automating workflows. What advantages can this IT service provide?

Wide functionality for work and communication

Communication and interaction between employees are important components of effective teamwork. Every experienced manager knows this. Microsoft Teams allows you to organize effective communication and information exchange between employees, which is especially important in recent years when the coronavirus epidemic and lockdowns have increased the popularity of remote work. What does Teams offer?

Communication in public/private chats, voice messaging, video calls, and video conferences, where you can discuss current tasks, problems, and new ideas. Exchange documents and edit them. Microsoft Teams integrates all the company’s cloud technologies in one workspace, which helps to streamline work processes and automate and control them. For example, several team members can edit one document at once, which speeds up the task and allows you to see errors in time.

Microsoft Teams is a powerful multifunctional platform with a huge set of tools. But there are situations when they are not enough, for example, to communicate with potential partners or customers. Teams offers to integrate third-party applications that will expand the standard capabilities of the platform. Using Microsoft 365 business voice SMS, you can communicate and interact with team members, partners and customers in a new way. Send mass SMS mailings, organize promotions, schedule meetings with panthers, discuss urgent issues, process customer requests, and much more. Use the full potential of your cellphone and grow your business right!

Functionality is good. What about accessibility and mobility? Microsoft Teams is available on all popular systems. You can install the application on a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Always stay in touch and up to date with the latest developments.

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What to choose?

Which tool should I choose for business development? Which is better, Slack or Microsoft Teams? You have to answer this question yourself. Both platforms are market leaders and offer almost the same opportunities to work with some nuances. Try both options and make the final choice. Do not forget, there are free versions, they are quite enough to check out all the pros and cons. Don’t waste your time, work, and develop. Sooner or later, you’ll definitely succeed!

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