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Styling Your Long Sleeve Tops 

Long Sleeve Tops
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Wearing a long sleeve top offers protection from UV radiation from the sun, moisture retention, and provides a cooling effect. Long sleeve tops are a must-have classic staple needed to build a pulled-together look. The timeless piece can be worn in many ways to change the narrative from boring to bougie. In this post, we have detailed some of the best ways to style long sleeve tops. Keep reading to learn more.

Style Tips for Long Sleeve Tops

Depending on your personal taste, you can dress up or dress down your long sleeve tops. You can infuse a laid-back aesthetic into your closet or opt for an elegant and classy appeal. Here are a few ideas on how to style long sleeve tops.

1. Layering Your Long Sleeve Tops

Long sleeve blouses and shirts can be layered over or underneath other clothing. With a good layering piece, you can refresh the look of your basic top with a standout piece. When layered with a sweater or jacket, it provides warmth for the cold seasons. The classic basic is adaptable to most clothes as it adds interest to your ensemble. For an extra edge in your outfit, wear a turtleneck long sleeve top under a plain or graphic tee. This pair can easily be incorporated into any winter outfit for a classic and versatile look.

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2. Tucking In The Long Sleeve Top

The tucked-in style is a classic that can be worn in a casual or corporate way. Be it a full tuck or a French tuck, this style keeps it simple yet modern. For a smart casual look at work, try on a collared long sleeve top. A perfect pair is created when you tuck in a neutral long sleeve top into elegant white tailored pants. Strappy kitten heels are best worn with the fit to create a clean, polished look.

A mock neck long sleeve top tucked into a pair of jeans or pants is something your date would love for a night out. The tucked-in style may look minimal but is definitely eye-catching and gives a little extra oomph.

3. Pairing With a Skirt or Dress

One of the fun and stylish ways to wear a comfy long sleeve top is to pair it with a skirt. An elegant pale skirt or leather skirt looks casual and glam with a relaxed long sleeve polo. Pair your long sleeve top with a midi or maxi skirt to look effortlessly chic. 

When you need a statement piece, pair a maxi skirt with a slit and a cotton long sleeve top. Throw on a pair of sneakers to add a bit of visual contrast. A long sleeve t-shirt and a spaghetti strap summer dress or slip dress deliver functionality and comfort. Want a switched-up style, swap the dress for a flowy mini skirt.

4. Dressing It Down

To add a casual flair to your outfit, roll up the sleeves of your top from the wrist, up to the elbows. Bunch the sleeves at the elbow to add variety to the folds. For a long sleeve shirt, leave a button or two open, then unbutton the cuffs and fold up the cuffed area. Sleeve polo, oversized shirt, turtle neck, and roll neck are some of the very casual long sleeve tops that you can add to your closet. With your favorite pair of blue jeans, you can create an interesting and relaxed casual look.

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5. Accessorizing the Fit

Accessorize your long sleeve top with subtle jewelry, a belt, or a scarf to add some personality to your outfit. On warm days, dark sunnies flips the script to a more solid and chic look. 


The key to styling any piece of clothing is to experiment with different looks and have fun while doing so until you find something that works for you. Purchasing quality staples is another factor that influences how the look of an outfit would turn out. SunsetfashionLA is a one-stop fashion store where you can get all kinds of women’s clothing at budget-friendly prices. We also recommend them for buying your long sleeve tops. Be it t-shirt tops, cropped tops, or sleeve shirts, they have all you need in their collection.