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How to tame a fox in Minecraft

Domestic animals are always better than Wild animals, Aren’t they? Do you want to tame a fox in Minecraft? If yes, you are lucky to land here! Foxes are very useful night animals that reproduce commonly in the taiga, (giant tree taiga, and snowy taiga biomes), which travel to villages during the night time. Foxes are truly the most attractive animals in the game that can be your great friend. So, What you are waiting for! Scroll through this guide to know how to tame a fox in Minecraft. Let’s go!

How to tame a fox in Minecraft
Tame a fox in Minecraft

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How do Foxes Look?

Foxes are Neither too small like a cat and nor too big like a wolf. Their large heads and long, fluffy tails make them different from others and easy to find. The energy amount is high when they are active. In the game, Foxes appear generally in two colors:

  1. Red Foxes– Found in taiga biomes.
  2. White Foxes– Spawn in snowy taiga biomes. These are also known as Arctic Foxes, harder to find as they’re only in snowy taiga biomes. But if found, they are the rarest collection species.

Note: Keep this color code in mind, while finding a fox. Moreover, Foxes are found in groups of 3-4, which neutralizes their rarity.

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How do Foxes Behave?

Before actually going on the project to find a fox and tame it, you must know how to foxes behave. In the previous section, we took a look at how to foxes look and now going to learn how do foxes behave.

  1. Foxes love to eat meat and flesh and hence carnivorous.
  2. Foxes are generally found active during nighttime, hence nocturnal.
  3. Foxes generally found in Villages and in 3-4 groups.
  4. Foxes carry items in their mouths.
  5. Foxes run fast and jump high.

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What do you need to Tame a Fox in Minecraft?

To tame a fox, you need to have two things:

  1. A lead (like a leash) – You can craft a lead by using four-string and one slimeball.
  2. Two sweet berries – Collect these from sweet berry bushes found in taiga biomes.

How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft?

Now, since you have all the essential things to attract a fox, you can now go for the Taming process. It’s not at all easy to convince a fox, you need to put all your efforts very cleverly. Follow the below steps to find your best friend.

  1. Give a sweet berry(you collected earlier) to one of the foxes.
  2. Then Offer a sweet berry to the second fox as well.
  3. Wait for them to breed.
  4. Attach the lead to the baby fox. The freshly-hatched fox will be faithful to you.
  5. Walk away.

The problem is it’ll also want to follow the other foxes. The best way to do this is to attach a lead to it and walk away from other groups of the furry fauna, then it’ll only have eyes for you. Make sure you look after it now that you’ve taken it into your care. While you can find leads out in the wild, you’ll probably have to craft one using four-string and one slimeball. Also, if you choose to breed a white and a red fox, then their baby has a 50 percent chance of being either white or red, for example.

Final Verdict

Hey friends, so ready to make your best friend in the game that will be faithful to you throughout the game? Minecraft is an incredibly great game where you can have fun with your friends and family. Taming a fox is not rocket science but remember its not a cakewalk as well.

So be ready for the adventurous journey of finding your true friend.

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