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How Teens are Making Millions of Dollars on Roblox Gaming Platform

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How Teens are Making Millions of Dollars on Roblox Gaming Platform

Not only amusement but also online gaming platforms have become the source of income for many teens and adults. Such a gaming platform is Roblox with which Millions of youngsters are making Millions of dollars. Roblox is the creative platform where one can develop their own game and with the collaboration of its huge databases, Roblox has over 40 Million games. With 100 Million monthly active users Roblox has become the one-stop destination for all young game developers and gamers as well.

One of the burning examples is Alex Balfanz who has created “Jailbreak” on Roblox with one of his friends. You would amaze to know that Alex has become the Millionaire before getting an adult because of the huge popularity of his game Jailbreak. Jailbreak has been played for almost three billion times and thus this game made Alex a celebrity.

If you are playing games on Roblox and interested in games development then it is the best platform to shape up your imagination. The average age of Roblox players is about 9 to 12 years and developers are of 14 to 21. If you are keen to learn to code then on Roblox you can learn gaming coding and establish yourself as a game developer and earn Millions of dollars on Roblox.

Robux is the virtual currency of Roblox and gamers buy it with real money. If you have Robux then you can also make money with them. If you are a developer and someone spends Robux in your game then you will get a cut. Isn’t amazing!

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Alex Hicks, former Roblox Intern, and CEO of RedManta revealed that Roblox is paying $100 Million to the game developers and many of them are under 18. In fact, in the gaming industry, there is a lot of scope for the game developers and Roblox is open for everyone to spread their wings in the game development.

Unlike other games, Roblox is totally created by its users and if you are 18+ or under 18 and want to become millaniore then Roblox can fulfill your desire. Balfanz and many other teens have become a millionaire at an early age now its time for your move. What are you looking for? Ready to develop a game on Roblox?

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