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The best cars for transporting people with disabilities

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Nowadays, thanks to the development of technologies and their introduction into everyday life, the issue of transportation can be solved for almost all groups of the population. Companies offer a huge range of cars of various classes, however, transportation of disabled people can be problematic in some cases. Due to their status and physical limitations, it is necessary to select a specific car model. 

In this article, we will look at the factors that you should pay attention to when choosing such a car. If in your life there is a need to purchase a car for the transportation of the disabled, you can sell your car in any condition quickly and without problems with the help of JuncCarsUs salvage yards in San Antonio or other places.

Factors to consider when choosing a car to transport a disabled person

If it is necessary to purchase a car for transporting a disabled person, it is necessary to accurately determine the selection criteria, as well as evaluate the important parameters for comfortable transportation. The most essential requirements for the car, in this case, are the following:

  1. Dimensions of the car and interior. There should be enough space inside for a comfortable ride. A person should sit without unnecessary discomfort.
  2. Locking system in the cabin. It is necessary that a car for a disabled person has not only seat belts but also additional fasteners so that a person does not shake during the journey. It is recommended to install an armrest or restraint on the front seat of a car to prevent a person from falling on the driver.
  3. Trunk dimensions. It should fit a stroller and crutches.
  4. Cars need special doors that open wide or move aside. This is necessary for landing a disabled person in the cabin.
  5. The vehicle must be fitted with swivel seats or a mechanical lift system.
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Cars that can be used to transport people with disabilities

We have compiled a rating of vehicles for the transportation of people with disabilities, it presents the most suitable and appropriate vehicles. Among these models are the following:

  1. A specialized line of cars based on the Crafter system. It contains advanced developments in the field of transportation of persons with disabilities. In the car, you can place a disabled person directly in a wheelchair or in a specially equipped place inside the cabin. At the same time, for the convenience of loading, the car is equipped with a special lifting system.
  2. Toyota Voxy. This car looks very large and spacious, the interior also has large dimensions and a comfortable passenger accommodation system.
  3. Honda Stepwgn. This vehicle is very similar in appearance to the previous version, the car also has everything necessary for the transportation of disabled people. This version is perfect for any conditions.
  4. Toyota Noah. This is a relatively inexpensive version of the car, and it has everything you need. The car fully complies with the above requirements for transporting people with disabilities.
  5. Vehicles based on the Transporter system. Cars are made on the basis of classic vans with additional lifts and fixing devices inside the cabin. The model is perfect for people in wheelchairs, as well as for placement on regular chairs.
  6. Caddy cars from Volkswagen. It is a redesigned design of classic versions of cars from the manufacturer. The hull is equipped with a special lifting mechanism, and the interior is significantly expanded for comfortable transportation.
  7. Cars from the T6 line. Inside the cabin of these cars, there is everything necessary for the convenience of transporting disabled people. This vehicle can be driven by a person with a disability.
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Cars for transporting bedridden patients

Special vehicles for the transportation of bedridden patients are comfortable, safe, and reliable vehicles designed for scheduled intracity and intercity transportation, even over long distances. Such a transport must meet the following requirements:

  1. The interior of the car is designed to transfer people of different heights and weights in any position.
  2. The car has seat belts that securely fix the patient so that he does not fall or get injured while driving.
  3. Transport is equipped with air conditioning or has a climate control function for comfortable temperature conditions when transporting patients.
  4. The technical equipment of the car allows for a more maneuverable ride without creating increased vibration.
  5. In the car, there are places not only for bedridden patients but also for accompanying persons, as well as passenger luggage.
  6. Zones have been formed for the safe transportation of wheelchairs and stretchers with the installation of fixing devices.
  7. There is an automated system for lifting patients in a wheelchair.
  8. Car body design with the application of certain signs on the hood, rear and side doors of the vehicle.

Only the use of sanitary transport with certain equipment will ensure careful and comfortable transportation without compromising the passenger’s well-being.

What equipment should be in transport for moving bedridden patients

In addition to a roomy interior and mounts, transport for moving bedridden patients must have certain equipment. Depending on the existing restrictions, a person with limited mobility can be transported using the following equipment:

  1. Rollaway beds. This equipment is made of durable aluminum alloy and has wheels, so it can easily withstand even the impressive weight of the patient. Transporting the patient with them is completely safe, as they are equipped with side panels to avoid accidental falls, an adjustable backrest, and comfortable handles. The stretcher can transport people after surgical interventions or unable to sit on their own.
  2. Soft stretcher. There should always be a stretcher in the car so that it is possible to transport a person in a narrow room. A stretcher is made of durable material, so it is durable in use and easy to disinfect. This equipment also takes up little space when folded. Frameless stretchers are convenient to use.
  3. Chair stretchers are equipment designed to carry patients to the car in a sitting position. This equipment can be used both when transporting upstairs and in an elevator.
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Final thoughts

There are many options for vehicles for transporting people with disabilities on the market. If necessary, any car can be equipped with an additional loading system, as well as means of fixation for the disabled. If you want to buy a car that suits your needs more and sell your used and unwanted car in any condition, JunkCarsUs will help you do it quickly. The company buys non-running, damaged, used cars and cars with a blown engine.

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