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Auto Transport: A Guide For Vehicle Owners

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Transport of cars and vehicles is an extensive industry that caters to new and used car buyers, those relocating, and unique or vintage vehicle enthusiasts and collectors. Shipping costs depend on both vehicle type and destination.


There are various factors that can determine the cost of car transportation services, starting with what type of vehicle you’re transporting – large vehicles like trucks, SUVs and vans are more costly due to taking up more space on a trailer and weighing more. You can visit this site to determine if your SUV is one of the heaviest on the market. 

Condition can also play a factor; poorly-kept cars are likely to need extra attention and may even need special equipment like winches or forklifts in order to load onto carriers safely.

Location also plays an integral role in car shipping costs, with remote areas incurring higher mileage and fuel expenses for deliveries. Furthermore, needing your car delivered on a specific date will incur extra charges as your chosen company needs to schedule a driver for this specific service.

When shipping with a broker, you will have more choices when it comes to choosing which vehicle carrier will transport it. 

Keep in mind that car transportation costs vary according to the season, typically being cheaper during spring and fall months when weather improves, drivers become available, and demand decreases due to fewer students shipping their cars back to school.

Pickup and Delivery

When selecting an auto transport company, it is essential that you consider both your auto needs and budget as well as the type of vehicle being shipped. 

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Furthermore, door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal services must both be considered; many people prefer door-to-door shipping where a driver will come directly to pick up and drop off their car at their home or business address.

As part of your initial research phase, it’s best to find top-rated auto transport companies by reading online reviews and reviewing rates from each. This will allow you to narrow down the options until finding one that meets all of your needs best. It is ideal if your shipment can be planned well ahead of time so you have ample time to compare prices and make a decision quickly.

Along with reviewing the pricing and reputation of potential car transport providers, it’s also essential to evaluate their customer service. In order to find the best auto transport company, you should look for one that allows you to communicate directly with representatives and receive prompt answers to any inquiries that arise. An established auto shipping firm will always put its customers’ needs first and strive to provide outstanding customer care.

Once you have selected several auto transport companies that meet your needs, submit the vehicle transport details to obtain quotes. This should include information such as make and model of vehicle being shipped; pickup and delivery locations, and dates. This will give companies enough details for them to calculate accurate shipping quotes.

Enclosed and Open Carrier Shipments

When considering which shipping option would best meet your needs based on cost and protection considerations. Open or enclosed shipping may offer different solutions depending on what suits your budget and needs best.

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Enclosed car transport involves transporting your vehicle on an enclosed trailer, offering additional protection against weather and road debris while also increasing costs compared to open shipping.

While open transportation may be the more common method for shipping vehicles, enclosed trailers provide better protection from environmental elements and other vehicles while drivers on enclosed trucks tend to have more experience handling high-end cars.


Insurance policies can be complex and hard to comprehend, including car transport insurance policies. 

Insurance policies typically only cover damage incurred during loading, transit and unloading of your car – not any issues preexisting before its shipping process started. Therefore it’s crucial that your vehicle be in good condition prior to starting this process Any major problems should be resolved prior to shipping the car in case they could lead to damages during transport. You can click the link: for more information.

Auto transport companies typically maintain their own insurance to cover any damages sustained during transport, and should provide you with a copy of this policy to read carefully and comprehend. You should also request to see their MC or USDOT number, which allows you to research their background history.

As part of your request to the auto transport company, make sure any special considerations or promises are put into writing to avoid miscommunication and disagreement in the future. For instance, if they say they will pay for damages that fall outside their own insurance coverage – make sure it’s written somewhere.

Always select a reputable car transport broker and ensure they have adequate insurance. Check with your own personal insurer to see if they cover vehicle transportation; otherwise consider purchasing a separate policy to cover any potential damage during transport.

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