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14 Awesome tricks to be great on Minecraft Pocket edition

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Undeniably Minecraft Pocket Edition one of the best crafting games ever and because of its crafting and survival elements, the game got immense popularity worldwide. It doesn’t matter you are combating with dangerous monsters in the survival mode or busy in crafting your world you have to follow certain tips to be great on Minecraft Pocket Edition. And if you want to know about the key points to become the best player of Minecraft then your search ends up here.

Let’s go through the post and discover the 14 awesome tips and tricks to become the legendary player on Minecraft.

Tips and tricks to be great on Minecraft Pocket Edition
How to b become best players on Minecraft PE

14 Tips and tricks to be great on Minecraft Pocket Edition

1) Select a seed first

Minecraft seeds are the specific codes that are utilized to create your world. So your first move in order to create your base in the popular sandbox game is to explore the internet to get the desired Minecraft seed.

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2)Collect resources

After finding a good seed its time to gather resources like wood, stone, and sand to build your era. At the time of exploring resources also focus on your survival.

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3)Build items

To dig, chop and mining you need a pickaxe so its time to build a Pickaxe, a table, a door, and a chest. These things will help you to proceed further in the game. You need to build a crafting table first because on this table you can easily craft other helping tools.

4)Dig into a mountain

Oops..it is getting darl! What should you do now? Its time to dig into a mountain and put a door up.

5)Mine whole night

If you want to collect a good amount of mines and ores then it would be better to mine the whole night. As the sun starts shining you have to stop mining.

6)Craft a stone sword

Its morning now and you have gathered enough stone to craft a sword. So without any ado create a stone sword first to fight with the horrible creatures around you.

7) Produce coal

Coal is necessary to make torches and you can find the coal around you. If you didn’t get enough coal to lighten up your torches then you need to burn the wood. For burning wood, you must have a furnace so make a furnace first and then burn wood into it to produce coal.

8)Situate torches around your base and go outside

You have created your cave and now you need to expand your world and for this, you should build more buildings. So go outside and start crafting new castles with available stones. Meanwhile, you have to fight with monsters and kill them.

9)Step into your cave when it becomes dark

Night time is for mining and it is getting dark now so you have to go back into the cave and start your mining work.

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10)Make a new house for you

You have enough supplies now so its time to create a comfortable house for you. Come out of your cave and start building your new home. Try creative mode for a while to know how to create your castle.

11)Kill monster as much you can

Your house is ready now and its time to move outside with your swords and food to kill monsters.

12)Go for peaceful mode

Some players don’t want to get bothered with the mob of monsters while creating buildings and if you are one of them then you can turn on peaceful mode easily. For enabling peaceful mode go to the Settings and turn the difficulty slider to the left. Now you are free to move peacefully.

13)Collect all the reusable items before moving further

In the Minecraft Pocket Edition, there are certain things that are reusable so never leave them behind. The crafting table is one of them so never forget to collect it.

14)Be creative and enjoy

Minecraft is all about crafting and surviving and you can enjoy a lot if you cooperate with your friends. Build huge castles, kill zombies, be creative and pass on your achievements with your buddies.

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What are your tips?

Well, folks, these are our 14 tips to be great on Minecraft Pocket edition. These tricks will help you to keep survive during the night and to build your world in the daytime. Its time to know what you have for us? Being a hardcore fan of Minecraft you would probably acquire good skills to be the best player. Share your tips with us.

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