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5 Best Minecraft Seeds You Can Play in 2019

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When you venture into the Minecraft world, Minecraft seeds help you create a pre-set world to build your gameplay in. They are useful for you if you want a jumpstart into a new village, ravine, dungeon or your own unique structure.

Well recently Minecraft Bedrock Edition has made a rave in the gaming community and here are your best Minecraft Seeds that are compatible with the Bedrock edition.

5 Best Minecraft Seeds You Can Play in 2019
Best Minecraft Seeds

What Are Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seeds are unique digits that are gateways to pre-set Minecraft worlds, where you can play and also build your own structures. It is a jumpstart for many newbies who want to get ahead.

How Do You Use Minecraft Seeds?

It is fairly easy, as you launch Minecraft and go to create your world, you will find an option for ‘More World Options’. The below box will show up and you just punch in your Minecraft Seed there.

Minecraft Seeds

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List of the Best Minecraft Seeds in 2019

Find the best Minecraft seeds designed to give you the best start at the game for your next world.

The Mountain Looming

Seed: -1992876879

Minecraft Seeds

Wake up in the lush lands of this island by the water. One side you have the ocean and the other stretches to eternity with mountains looming over you.

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This is seed if you love nature and water. Survive with nothing but your intelligence and wits. There is no help from any places nearby. Almost like your very own Survivor episode without the threats all that much.

The Snowpocalypse 1.13

Seed: -986625532

minecraft seeds

If post-Christmas blues have you down visit the wintry wonderland o9n this seed. Filled with sleigh creepers and bring on the jingles.

This is a winter wonderland you can’t seem to get enough.

Mountain Village

Seed: -1231267014

minecraft seeds

If you have the hots for farms and mountains, then this beautiful monster spawned neighboring location is going to be a great place to start. With waterfalls pouring into another villagers’ house, to a zombie village nearby this is an entertainment assured Minecraft Seed.

Lost in the Woods 1.12

Seed: 18371663

minecraft seeds

Be the king of the jungle and into the wild with this seed. You can crank the difficulty level up and test yourself to survive this challenge. You can also starve if you are not careful of your resources.

Key Locations for you to discover are-

  • Mountain Village: X: -250, Y: 72, Z: -209
  • Monster Spawner: X: -266, Y: 71, Z: -242
  • Zombie Village: X: 180, Y: 83, Z: -310
  • Large Village: X: -310, Y: 67, Z: -1136
  • Another Large Village: X: -295, Y: 64, Z: 644

And finally!

Tons of Stuff Near Spawn (Bedrock)

Seed: 1961838222

minecraft seeds

You get to investigate a lot of different areas here and if you want to begin a monster xp grinder, you have spawner here. Go to the forest area and make your way through the natural path. You have several ravines close by with diamonds exposed. You would have a lot of fun with this Minecraft Bedrock Edition Seeds. There is a lot of places to discover with this Minecraft seed.

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Key Locations for you to visit on this seed-

  • Monster Spawner Cave Entrance: X: 414, Y: 60, Z: -25
  • Monster Spawner: X: 390, Y: 44, Z: -16
  • Second Monster Spawner Cave Entrance: X: 615, Y: 64, Z: 25
  • Second Monster Spawner: X: 615, Y: 39, Z: 14
  • Desert Village: X: 535, Y: 66, Z: 522
  • Desert Pyramid: X: 251, Y: 67, Z: 878
  • Ravine w/Exposed Diamond: X: 690, Y: 14, Z: -87
  • Pillager Outpost: X: 668, Y: 68, Z: 205
  • Desert Pyramid: X: 379, Y: 71, Z: -354
  • Small Ravine w/Diamond Nearby: X: 297, Y: 11, Z: -441
  • Larger Ravine w/Exposed Diamond (Multiple Spots): X: 426, Y: 12, Z: -371
  • Savannah Village: X: 185, Y: 69, Z: 962

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Well, guys, those were the best Minecraft Seeds for you to start your play in 2019. I hope you love them and le tus know your list of fun Minecraft seeds in the comments section and we will add them on!

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