3 Weird Gambling Laws around the World

Weird Gambling Laws
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In many countries, gambling is something that people can do with ease, with no restrictions. However, in some countries, you might have difficulty in accessing various gambling and betting services, whether offline or online. The reason is that some countries will have their own weird  gambling laws and regulations and laws that might prohibit certain aspects or all aspects of gambling in their countries.

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  • Betting and Gambling are Illegal in Japan, with Few Exceptions

You might think that Japan is a country that is open to betting and gambling, as you can see plenty of pachinko parlors and lottery stalls in Japan. It’s not true. In fact, betting and gambling are illegal in Japan, and Japan’s government doesn’t allow any types of betting and gambling to become available in their country, except only for a few exceptions. The few exceptions here are the ones you are seeing everyday around Japan.

Japan prohibits most types of betting and gambling in their country, with the few exceptions, which include motorsports, lottery, pachinko, and horse racing. These are the only betting and gambling types allowed in the country.

  • Playing Card Regulations in Thailand

In Thailand, gambling is something that you cannot do, except from betting on horse races and the government-sponsored lottery. So, you won’t see many gambling activities in Thailand, unless you are going to specific areas where the gambling restrictions get relaxed for tourism. However, there is one specific rule in Thailand that governs the individual possession of playing cards, which is quite weird.

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In Thailand, individuals cannot possess over 120 playing cards, such as the ones that the Excise Department has not registered. This is to support the strict gambling laws that this country already has since 1935. 

  • Suing for Gambling Losses in Kentucky

In Kentucky, you can sue for your gambling losses if you lose more than $5 while gambling. This is quite a bizarre gambling law in the state of Kentucky, and this law is there to protect the citizens from getting negative consequences from gambling. Of course, it might sound funny when you can sue for your gambling losses, but it doesn’t stop there. 

In Kentucky, you can sue for your loss within 6 months of your loss in gambling. Then, after that, other people can sue on your behalf for your losses in gambling within 5 years after the initial 6-month period ended. This law is there to encourage the citizens of Kentucky to avoid gambling, so they can avoid any losses and avoid getting into some tough court battles when they decide to sue for their losses.


These are some of the weird gambling laws you can find around the world. There are still plenty of bizarre gambling laws in other countries in the world, which will differ based on their culture, custom, and many other factors. It’s best for you to learn the rules of gambling in your own country, so you will know what to expect when you engage in betting and gambling activities there.

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