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6 Facebook Settings That You Should Know

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Facebook is the world’s most popular social network. Once you create your Facebook account, you are able to keep tabs on ex-lovers, communicate with your best friend, and share your photos. Nearly three-quarters of a billion Facebook users could be potential customers if you run a business online. According to a Pew Research Center survey, 75 percent of women use Facebook, compared to 63 percent of men.

However, are you curious why many people are so enamored with Facebook? In rural areas of the United States, 66% of the adult population uses Facebook because it is easy to access and simple to use. It is fair to say that once we get the hang of this social media platform, we should also know how to use Facebook features such as Save for Later Post, Facebook Touch, and more. That is why there is a list of Facebook settings that every user should be aware of.

1.Hide Personal Information

Interacting with people online can be exciting, but it is crucial to keep your personal information private. And here are the settings you should use if you want to hide your personal information. 

Over time, Facebook has collected a significant amount of personal information about you, such as your contact information. You may control who sees what information is on your profile by going to the “About” section and selecting “Edit” for each part. It is possible to hide your profile information by changing your privacy settings from Friends to Only Me. We must admit that we sometimes want to flaunt the good things happening in our lives, but privacy is something you hold dearly.

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2.Change Facebook Searchability

There are several occasions when we want to be searchable on the internet. An example of this is when you want potential employers to see your profile on your LinkedIn page. But being famous on Facebook is a different narrative. 

When a stranger is looking for you, you have the right to turn them down or prevent them from searching your profile. Go to Settings & Privacy and select How People Can Find You on Facebook to adjust your searchability. After that, you can do whatever you want with your profile’s searchability.

3.Limit Facebook Ad Tracking

This setting allows you to reduce the ads that can pop up on your timelines, or when you are watching Facebook videos.  Having so much information about you that they can use to target you with ads is why Facebook is so lucrative. 

Visit Settings & Privacy, Privacy Checkup, and Ad Preferences for further control over your Facebook advertising. Your employer, job title, education, and other personal data will be less prominent in any ads. If you enjoy targeted advertisements, you can choose to keep these settings on.

4.Check Your Public Profile

There is a simple method to examine what your profile looks like to someone who is not in your circle of Facebook friends. You can do this by going to your Profile page, clicking the menu button next to Activity Log, and selecting View As. It is easy to filter posts and information that you do not want others to see by going to Settings and then Edit Post Privacy. In addition, you may use this feature to check what a specific Facebook friend sees on your profile.

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5.Turn Off Facebook Location History

A turned-on Facebook location is sometimes a good idea to use to get advertisements that are more relevant and targeted to your interests and needs. But you may be unaware of precisely how much location data Facebook has on you if you use the mobile app. 

On the other hand, it is frightening to realize that Facebook can pinpoint your precise location. Turn off this feature by going to Settings & Privacy, then Settings, Location, and unchecking the option. Also trying to uninstall and reinstall the application may resolve the problem.

 6.Remove a Tag

Being on Facebook for a while can have pros and cons. One con can be a friend tagging you to an embarrassing photo. Or worse, you can get tagged on inappropriate content. You do not want to risk having a messy profile, especially when your employer is doing background checks. That is why Social media etiquette is crucial for everyone to follow. Fortunately, Facebook has the remove tag feature so you can remove all the unnecessary posts on your profile. 

It is possible to review every tag before it appears on your or anybody else’s timeline in Settings, under Timeline and Tagging. Select the “Remove Tag” option in the post settings to remove a tag from a specific post. If you want a post deleted from the site, you can mark it as objectionable. 


Since Facebook is a popular social media platform nowadays, you have a huge responsibility to be careful when using it. If you want to stay out of trouble on the internet and social media. Keeping your Facebook account safe and secure is a must. The features above are just some of the essential ones. And if you want to know more about social media safety tips, visit CellularNews.com today!

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