6 Unique Activities You Can Do with Your Pet

6 Unique Activities You Can Do with Your Pet

Activities You Can Do
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Intro: Despite what some people may think, owning a pet isn’t just about having a cute fluffy thing to cuddle when you feel like it. Owning a pet is actually a big responsibility.  This is a living thing—with feelings, emotions, and its own range of health and wellness issues to consider.  It’s also a lifeform that’s dependent on you for its health, happiness, and general overall wellness.  Owning a pet and being a pet parent can be a lot of work—but it can also be extremely rewarding with Activities You Can Do. 

And in this post, you’re going to learn about six unique activities that you can do with your pet to help meet this responsibility—to take the best care of your pet possible (and have a great time together in the process). 

Your pet loves you and desperately craves your attention. 

And if you want it to thrive, then it’s in your best interest to make sure to invest some time and attention into it on a daily basis. 

Here are some activities you could consider. 

1. Take A Walk

Nearly every pet loves to walk outside. 

This is especially true if your pet tends to be an inside pet most of the time. 

If you have a cat, you can put a harness on it. 

you have protection dogs, put a leash on it.

Consider going to the park, or even just taking a walk up the sidewalk. 

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Your animal will love it, and so will you!

2. Go For A Ride

Some animals aren’t super crazy about going for a car ride, but most pets love it. 

Your dog may want to stick their head out the window and let its ears flop around. 

Your cat may just want to curl up on the seat beside you, doze off, and enjoy the relaxing ‘rumble’ of the open road. 

In any case, choosing to take your pet with you when you leave home to run errands is a great use of your time. 

It’ll help you to not only get things accomplished, but will also give you an opportunity to spend some time with your beloved animal companion in the process. 

3. Play 

All animals like to play differently.

Your dog may like to chase balls or run around the yard. 

Your cat may enjoy playing with a feather on a string.

Figure out how your pet likes to play, and make sure to spend time every day engaging with them. 

They’ll love it and it’ll be great for them. 

It’ll be great for you, too.  

4. Swim

Most animals enjoy the occasional dip in the water. 

Of course, some are more into this than others. 

But it’s also true that some animals learn to love it. 

Swimming is also a very healthy activity for animals because it gives them a healthy dose of much-needed aerobic exercise. 

Consider heading to the creek and enjoying some fun swimming time with your pet. 

5. Explore

Taking your cat or dog with you as you hike, explore, or even camp can be a great way to bond and share fun experiences together. 

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Don’t forget—your pet is descended from a species that evolved to thrive in the outdoors. 

Getting back into nature and having some adventure will be very good for them. 

Plus, it’ll be great fun.

Just make sure to bring their water dish and some nutritious treats for the road! 

6. Enjoy Some CBD 

A lot of pet owners don’t realize that CBD (a cannabinoid) can be really good for animals as well as for humans. 

It boasts all kinds of health benefits. 

Plus, it isn’t psychoactive like THC. Therefore, you can take it (and give it to your pet) to chill out and relax together without the fear of getting them high or freaking them out.

Take CBD with your pet to enjoy some calming chill-out time together. 


These six tips will help to give you some great ideas for activities you can do with your pet. 

Just remember, every day is a new day—and your pet, as a part of your family, deserves some of your attention. 

They love you and they want to spend time with you. 

So make sure that you invest some time into them to keep them happy, healthy, and engaged. 

It really matters. 


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