A Complete Guide to Affiliate marketing

Complete Guide to Affiliate marketing
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Affiliate marketing is a centralized business model where an affiliate network, merchant or retailer rakes in some amount of commission for each sale that is generated by the network. The affiliate network can be either online or offline and may also have its own product range. The terms “affiliate” and “referral” are often used interchangeably in this context. Affiliate marketing is not the same as referral marketing.- Complete Guide to Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is widely practiced by companies to promote their primary brands, especially on websites, blogs and forum posts which can generate more leads for them. Affiliates of the network receive a commission for each sale made by the affiliates and are often paid for every sale made based on a percentage of total sales generated by all affiliates.

However, affiliate marketing online has seen increasing popularity compared to offline affiliate programs. The online affiliate marketing industry has grown significantly since the mid-2000s and is valued at over one billion dollars. In addition to traditional affiliate programs, affiliate marketing programs exist in the form of Internet affiliate marketing and mobile affiliate marketing. The industry is expected to continue to grow rapidly with a number of predictions pointing out that the revenue from this field will surpass those from other forms of affiliate marketing by 2025.

Where to Start Affiliate Marketing in Singapore- Complete Guide to Affiliate marketing?

A good place to start an affiliate marketing business in Singapore is with an online affiliate marketing program. Online businesses are easier to set up and require less capital compared to offline businesses.

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Impact.com is one of the best affiliate networks in Singapore. Having a stable and highly profitable network of publishers, this company offers some of the highest commission rates in the industry.

The affiliate program built by the people at Impact’s offers various methods for affiliates to drive traffic to their sites. This can range from content marketing to diversified media channels including social media advertising and digital display media advertising. An extensive training system is provided for affiliates to familiarize themselves with tools and systems that can be used for different marketing activities. Affiliates also get exclusive access to marketing tools and services provided by other affiliates in the network. Some of these features include:

  • Affiliate analytics
  • Share your website with thousands of other affiliates.
  • Build your own unique ad campaign and split-run on all the ad networks Impact offers.
  • Share your content across multiple social networks.
  • Manage your affiliate account from Impact’s website.
  • The offer is not limited to advanced affiliates only. Affiliates with a basic understanding of the internet and computer are able to make use of this program and earn by sharing the pages of brands on their websites.



Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time and has seen a myriad of changes in the past decades. With the rise of tech gadgets and the easy discoverability of information, the efficiency and effectiveness of affiliate marketing has increased. Focusing on a niche will help you stand out from the rest, but it is vital to choose a profitable niche that is marketable. A profitable niche leads to more sales and higher revenue.

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Impact.com affiliate network offers affiliates every tool they need to start an online business.I believe this article has answered the question of “what is affiliate marketing” for you.


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