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How to Change Minecraft Gamemode in Just Few Steps

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Did you start playing Minecraft a few days back? Do you not know how to change Minecraft Gamemode? If yes, you are lucky to land here. Minecraft has winning hearts from the last past 9 years since the day it was launched. Millions of users subscribe to the game every month because of its open-end feature and attractive graphics. There are various modes of the game and sometimes we want to switch between them. Scroll down to know more.

There are 5 different modes in Minecraft, Creative, Survival, Adventure, Spectator, Hardcore. but all the modes are not compatible with all devices. Before actually entering into how to change Minecraft Gamemode, let’s discuss each mode in brief.

How to Change Minecraft Gamemode
change Minecraft gamemode

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Creative Mode

This is the easiest Minecraft game mode and well known too. This mode has no health and hunger bar and allows you to make your own world. It provides you unlimited resources and you are able to fly around the world. Mobs can not fight back and you can kill them easily and you too won’t die.

Survival Mode

This is the best mode which you must play. Here you have to survive by searching for resources, mine, and craft. You have limited resources, the ones you have mined only. Track health and hunger bars to survive. Avoid hostile mobs as they inflict damage and might even kill you.

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Adventure Mode

Thie above-discussed modes are most used and this one is rarely used.  In this, you make a world for others not for yourself. Things have Limitations here! like changing the map and blocks can not be destroyed by hand. Instead, they’re mined only using a suitable item with the pre-determined CanDestroy tag. Similarly, the building is only possible if a block has the CanPlaceOn tag. Otherwise, Adventure mode is like Survival.

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How to Change Minecraft Gamemode

I am going to share changing Gamemode for console and Java edition. So let’s start discussing each edition one by one.


  1. Open the world you want to change. To Open the LAN world, click on friends tab and Open the world.
  2. Choose the game mode. In the console edition, there are three Gamemodes available, Creative, Survival, and Adventure.
  3. Enter the command given below:
    Open the chatbox. Type /gamemode 0 for Survival mode, /gamemode 1 for Creative, and /gamemode 2 for Adventure.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. If you wish to change another player’s gamemode then type /gamemode 0 Player name.
  6. Now you are good to GO!


  1. Open the world you want to enter. This maybe your world or LAN world. To open the LAN world, Scroll down the past servers and Click the one you wish to open.
  2. Choose gamemode any from survival, creative, Adventure and Spectator.
  3. Press T
  4. Type /gamemode survival to go to survival mode, same for other modes too.
  5. If you get any error message saying “You do not have permission to do that” then you have to allow cheats (mentioned in next step)
  6. Press ESC. Open LAN, Allow Cheats and Save or Export to LAN. Then try again starting from step 1.
  7. By opening your world to LAN, other players on the same WiFi as you can join your world.
  8. You are good to Go! Enjoy playing.
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Summing Up

Hey friends, I hope now you get an idea about what modes are and how to navigate between different modes. Changing modes give you a better experience. Remember to type the command carefully. If you need to know anything else, please mention in comments else Share your feedback on the article.

I hope you would like the article. Thank you!!

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