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How to fix VPN not working or Connecting issues?

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To safeguard your online activities VPNs are the most wanted online tools and apart from privacy, these tools offer multiple benefits. But if you encounter sudden interruption in your VPN connection then it would be really frustrating. If your VPN is not working or not connecting properly then folks just go through the post to know how to fix VPN not working or connecting errors.

How to fix VPN not working or Connecting issues?
fix VPN not working

Reasons behind a VPN connection issues

To access blocked apps and other data VPNs are great but frequent hitches can interrupt your enjoyment. Here are the reasons that cause VPN issues:

  • An overwhelmed VPN server
  • You didn’t update your VPN server
  • Slow internet connection
  • You are using a wrong VPN guideline

How to fix VPN not working: VPN troubleshooting process

1)Check your internet connection first

If you sever is not online then how would your VPN connect? This problem can occur because of poor internet connection so check this try to open up a site without connecting a VPN. If the problem still occurs then restart your router and you can also contact your ISP.

2)Confirm that you have entered the right username and password

I am not evaluating your abilities and this type of mistake can make everyone. If you encounter an authenticity error then there are two reasons behind it, whether you typed the wrong password or entered a wrong username. You just need to type the right username and password again and if the error still occurs then reset your password this time and try to connect.

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3)Update your VPN

To rectify the current bugs and issues updates are necessary for every software and in terms of VPNs, we can’t neglect them. One of the best solutions to fix VPN not working and other VPN issues is to make your VPN up to date. For the smooth functioning of VPN update it to the latest version and for this, you have to keep an eye on available updates constantly. To check that your VPN software is updated you need to compare it with the number displayed on the provider’s site.

4)Restart the VPN software

If you are getting connection trouble due to software hitches then it can be solved by restarting your VPN software. In the restarting process, the software restores its settings and thus you get smooth functionality. Restarting would be a great idea if your VPN is running its own program.

5)Update your browser

Sometimes VPN connectivity problems persist because of browser-based issues so you must go for the browser that is suggested by the VPN provider. Along with this, you must have the updated browser version installed and if you didn’t then the issues will occur again and again. So update your browser for smooth anonymous online surfing with your VPN client.

6)Check your firewall

Firewalls keep a scan on the whole data that go in and out of your private network and sometimes firewall don’t go along the VPN traffic. Indeed firewall is to protect your online presence but many times it becomes overprotective and then connecting issues occur. To solve the problem you just need to temporarily disable the firewall and turn it on after you have checked.

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7)Uninstall previous VPN software

Another suspected cause behind the interruption in VPN connectivity is the use of two VPN software at the same time. If you have installed two VPN software then to fix VPN not working you need to uninstall the previous VPN software. Hopefully, your problem would be resolved.

8)Check your router

Hmm…not working yet then there may be issues in your router! Your VPN client can’t connect to the VPN server because of the passthrough feature of your router. Via the passthrough feature, all the traffic passes freely to the internet so if you don’t enable it then VPN traffic can’t go through your router. thus the issue occurs.


I think any of the above-listed solutions will work for sure to solve your VPN not working or connecting issues. Unfortunately if still you are not able to connect the VPN then you can take advise of VPN service providers.

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