Report: Google wants to buy Fitbit

Google wants to buy Fitbit

As per Reuters Reports, Google’s parent company Alphabet is in a conversation to buy Fitbit, a wearable company. Fitbit is a US-based company and Google wants to own it to spread its wings in the Fitness tracker and smartwatch markets.

Google has offered a deal to Fitbit to acquire it but there is no confirmation about the offered amount and it is also not confirmed that the deal will take place or not. Google is trying to compete Apple watch but still, the tech giant is behind in the race. Google designed a Wear OS for smartwatches and other wearables and got support from the big names such as LG, Fossil, and TicWatch but failed to impress Samsung as Samsung relies on its own Tizen operating system.

US-based Fitbit is a renowned name in terms of wearable fitness trackers and watches but Fitbit is also struggling to keep up with the features set from big names such as Apple, and Samsung.

Google also planned to launch its own Pixel watch but still, the plan is under folds and no one knows when will it execute. All the activities show that Google is really interested in the fitness market but didn’t get the desired success yet. If google gets successful to buy Fitbit then there are chances that both tech giants can gain their dream of being a reputed fitness brand.

By owning Fitbit, Google would have a team that and the product line up as well to assist it to compete with the big giant Apple. But both Google and Fitbit have tightened up their lips to reveal anything about the deal so we have to wait until the final confirmation.

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