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How I Saved a Lot by Choosing a Suzuki Marine Dealer Near Me

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I always wanted to get a pontoon boat to go fishing with my friends. You would know that they are very versatile and comfortable especially when you want to enjoy your day with a beer on one hand and a fishing rod on the other. There are a lot of pontoon boats available in the market, but, which one is the best is the question. A few of my friends suggested that I get a boat with a Suzuki engine fitted on it and that’s when I searched for a Suzuki marine dealer near me. I was quite surprised at the results too.

Suzuki – The Leading Outboard Motor Manufacturer

Suzuki, along with their many accomplishments in the transport business, have developed state-of-the-art engines to power boats. One of their best engines is the 350 hp dual propellor motor with a V6 piston set-up. It is quite powerful and packs a lot of torque. That is why it is ideal for a large pontoon boat. It also has a Fly-By-Wire digital control system and a 12:1 compression ratio, making it very reliable and controllable. Suzuki is no doubt the best outboard motor manufacturer in the world and this engine is proof for that.

Pontoon Boats Are Better for Speed

As for pontoon boats, I would prefer to go with a Manitou 27 XT RFXW SHP, since this is the only boat that comes with the above-mentioned Suzuki engine. The boat is sleek, and it is like a limo on water. It has all the usual refinements, and some added features like Digital Vessel Control, Joystick steering, Fiberglass Painted Walls, and even Cool-to-Touch Vinyl Seating. These features combined with the Suzuki Marine motor makes the boat a very luxurious vehicle for the holidays. You can use it for your fishing trips, action or tow sports.

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Nothing Compares with the Power of Suzuki Motors

If you are piqued by all these details, then you need to get a boat for yourself. And like myself, go for a boat that comes with the Suzuki motor. If you are a bit dry or you already have a boat, you can always get a Suzuki motor and fit it onto your boat yourself. Find the best Suzuki marine dealer near you and ask for the latest 350 hp motor. Get it to your garage, throw away your old motor and fit the new one. Feel the power of the motor as you cruise on the open waters.

Buy the Best Boats at the Best Price

The DF350A Suzuki marine for sale comes at a price of $39,295. It is worth the price for you to get far more value for it. The engine even has an advanced Precision Control System, a computer-based drive-by-wire control system which eliminates friction due to mechanical wiring. It operates smoothly and has very little room for repairs and damages. Get to the nearest dealer and workout the best deal for you. The dealer will help you get your finances too.