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Why Is Gold So Beloved- Capital Invests?

Gold can be extremely expensive, and when we think about investing in gold, we are thinking about creating a relationship with a particular piece of metal. Gold is incredibly desired, and people all over the world have committed all sorts of interesting scams, schemes and crimes in order to get their hands on some brilliant and beautiful gold. When I really think about when I have felt the most beautiful, it has often been when I am wearing gold pieces around my neck and hanging from my ears. I always seek to learn more about the ores I wear because I believe that it is key to investigate the quality of the item I am adorned with before I let it take up real estate space on my skin!

Just this past weekend, I went out with my girlfriends to a function, and I lost one of my fourteen carat gold earrings. My friends had a good laugh because they assumed that I was wearing costume jewelry. However, I was not wearing costume jewelry and I have absolutely no interest in ever doing so, because I am allergic to the nickel that is in the type of alloys, they use to make costume pieces. I was gutted when I lost that piece of gold jewelry because I know that it was difficult to replace.


I was deeply frustrated because I knew that I had acquired this gold when I had most recently visited family members in the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago is a country that is very close to Guyana, which is an ore producing country. That gorgeous metal costs a lot of money in the United States of America, and ultimately, it is difficult to invest in such a material when you are living in a country that does not produce as much of that material as it purchases. As a result, we might struggle to invest in the alloy in this country because the prices are always going to be artificially higher than they would be in places like South Africa or Suriname that produce the ore at a much higher rate. 

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Valuing Your Gold- Capital Invests

This is why it is important to check out websites that offer a clear valuation of the items you were going to invest in, like Lear Capital, which has been in existence since the 1990s. It is critical to consider the length of time that a group of investors have been working with the specific expensive alloy you are interested in investing in. This means that they are cognizant of the various fluctuations that can occur in the market that surrounds this one particular precious item.

How much money do you want to spend to acquire all the gold pieces that you want? When we look at the Costume Institute gala that we know as the Met Ball, the recent theme was “gilded glamor”. Many of us were expecting the celebrities in attendance to be adorned with ore from head to toe. However, many of these items would have had to be on loan for the celebrities to wear them in mixed company where other people might also be wearing very expensive items. It is critically significant to consider the fact that gold retains its value over the course of many centuries and thus people are always interested in investing in something that can retain value when your children’s children are walking the earth.

Purchasing Gold Items- Capital Invests

Gold and honey are both similar colors, and just as honey is the earth’s perfect food, gold is often considered to be the earth’s perfect alloy. Honey retains its structural integrity over the course of many centuries, and fruits that have been preserved in honey have retained their structural composition as well. This means that an orange that was preserved in honey in the year 1300 is just as safe to eat now as it was back then. We can draw a similar comparison to gold, because a gilded item that was incredibly valuable in the 1300s is probably even more valuable now and has at the very least retained its value. Therefore, gold is the honey of alloys and honey is the gold (https://www.gold.org/goldhub/data/how-much-gold) of food items. 

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The next time you get the opportunity to purchase a precious item that you hope will retain its value, it is very important to strongly consider investing in the gilded ore. You may see advertisements for people encouraging you to sell your wares by putting it in an envelope and sending it off to be appraised by a random company that you may not have heard of. This is why instead you should focus carefully and only allowing a company with proven integrity and a measurable track record to assist you in selling, appraising, and purchasing gold. 

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