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Make a Cool House in Minecraft Pocket Edition in 4 steps

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Do you know how to make a cool house in Minecraft Pocket Edition? Raise your hands, if you are curious to know! Bring it down, buddies! Building a house in Minecraft with the multi-story building is always the best fun-filled things to do. Today I am going to share some easy steps to make a cool house in Minecraft Pocket Edition. So before actually going into depth, let me ask you a question. What is your idea while making the house in general? The factors we consider are good design, basic amenities,  good for things to do like crafting here, free from mobs, etc. The same is with House in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Scroll down to know more!

Make a Cool House in Minecraft Pocket Edition
How to make a cool house in Minecraft

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Make a Cool House in Minecraft Pocket Edition using these quick steps

Making a cool House isn’t a cool task at all. you have to work hard here. But once you have done with the house-making part, you will enjoy the game more.

Step1: Collect Basic Material to build the House

  1. Collect Wood and Wood planks from trees and by using the crafting table.
  2. Gather some stones and cobblestones. You can find them under the ground or in the mountains.
  3. Get Some Quartz to make the blocks more expensive in Survival Mode.
  4. Collect some Sand. YOu can find it near the sea. You can buy it if you do not want to spend time finding it. It’s very cheap.
  5. Get some coal by mining. To bring black into the color scheme, you will definitely need coal.
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Step 2: Design Ideas

  1. Build a basic house that looks very ordinary to real-life houses.
  2. Build a castle if you want a big one. Using cobblestone or regular stone, make yourself a castle complete with the dungeon. Use Green wool to make yourself a giant dragon to kill. Fences are helpful in creating blisters at the tops of towers.
  3. Build an Underwater house. Just build the walls up to the water’s surface, load the inside with dirt, seal the house, and then extract the clay.
  4. Build an Ultra Modern House using clean box lines and walls of glass panes.
  5. Build a Bat Cave by including a waterfall entrance. Build a mansion over the cave.
  6. Build a treehouse that either hug around the trunk and branches or actually fits inside the trunk itself. You can make the whole village too!

Step3: Build with Ease

  1. Use Various Color Blocks to mark your foundation. For Example, use blue wool to mark the corners of your walls and red wool to mark the locations for Redstone circuits. Put the blocks in one line covering the corner and then place the blocks over it.
  2. Always Choose the material that you can easily buy and will not run out of resources.
  3. Always build the outside first, the outer part. Though this is the hardest thing to do here but keep in mind to do this first.
  4. Your house design must be interesting not boring! Build a cool house.
  5. Add Landscaping to your house to make it more attractive. A house in the center of quite empty land is a little boring. Add lakes, garden, pool near the house.
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Step4: Find Tools

  1. Use proper Building plans like Minecraft Building Inc.
  2. Use Drafting tools like Mine Draft.
  3. Watch Youtube Videos to get out more help.


Well buddies, the Minecraft fans! Do you get the idea of making a cool house in Minecraft Pocket Edition now? The above mentioned are some simple steps to build a house whether it is a castle or a bat house. Minecraft skins and shaders are none less than any other thing that brings fun to the game but Building a house is an extraordinary thing to do in the game and thus bring more joy here.

I hope you would like the article. Share your feedback!

Thank you and Enjoy playing the game!

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