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Media Creates Our Opinion During Any World Conflict

Media Creates Our Opinion During Any World Conflict
A man gestures during a protest in Moscow on August 26, 2017. Nearly 1,000 Russians protested during a demonstration against the intensification of surveillance and restrictions on the Internet, marked by at least eight arrests. / AFP PHOTO / Maxim ZMEYEV (Photo credit should read MAXIM ZMEYEV/AFP via Getty Images)
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    You definitely had a story of friends that used to argue about the same situation they heard about different news. Today, it is hard to find the truth. The Internet should help but on the other hand, it creates more theories about the truth. From all of this information, you can get a headache. If you are tired of watching the news, chill and check out 22Bet Senegal

     Free press sounds like a myth. Yet, every day we are told different things. It doesn’t matter where you get the information from the internet or TV. All the information you are shown is done because someone wants you to see it. Who owns the information, owns the world. 

     This a very good illustration of the true structure of a free press, pluralism of opinions, and other democracies. The Quincy American Institute for Responsible Public Administration found that the vast majority of media mentions of think tanks in articles about US weapons and the war belong to think tanks whose sponsors profit from the US military-industrial complex.

– Of the 27 think tanks identified, 21 received funding from the defense sector (77%). Unfortunately, because donor disclosure is voluntary, it is not possible to accurately determine the percentage of think tank funding from defense contractors.

– In stories related to the US military intervention in Ukraine, the media cited defense industry-funded think tanks 85% of the time. That is seven times more likely than think tank experts not accepting funding from Pentagon contractors. 

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– The media prefers to ignore the conflict of interest that arises from quoting experts from US defense industry-funded think tanks, even when they express their opinion about policy decisions that would benefit the US defense industry. 

– The media also doesn’t talk about other conflicts that happened or happen if it is not asked to. Means that something is good and something is bad. But all wars bring the same results.


    That is, the average person sees the opinions of different experts in different publications. It is deeply convinced that he receives objective information. Especially if he has read articles from several sources at once, such as NYT, WP, WSJ, etc. In reality, all these supposedly independent opinions in supposedly independent newspapers are sponsored by the American defense industry. It means that they are lobbying for its interests in this way.

    And by the way, the Quincy Institute is also a “think tank” that advocates “restraint in US foreign policy.” It is known that it is funded by the Soros and Kochs Foundation. Apparently, restraint in foreign policy has become beneficial for them. Or maybe their analytical center is not quoted, which is why their interests in the military-industrial complex are not taken into account and therefore they decided to complain about the rules of the game. Money makes the world go round, definitely not true. Yet, faith in a free press is as naive as a child’s faith in Santa Claus. The best choice is to analyze everything with your mind! 

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