Minecraft Java vs Bedrock: Similarities and Differences

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Minecraft Java vs Bedrock : Similarities and Differences

Minecraft Java vs Bedrock is a debate that many people end up in. But, let us give everybody a chance to choose. So, here we are trying to give you the most honest Minecraft Java vs Bedrock comparison. But, truth is that both have their fair share of similarities. And, it is the reality and utility of both Minecraft Java and Bedrock that has the majority of differences.

So, here are the highlights of the Minecraft Java vs Bedrock differences and similarities.

Minecraft Java vs Bedrock
Similarities and differences between Minecraft Java and Bedrock edition

Minecraft Java vs Bedrock | Similarities & Comparisons

Since the Minecraft Java edition is Java codes, meaning the structure is for an open player. Think about, you can literally change textures directly in-game files. Also, download mods from almost any source available and add it on.

You can do all of this because of the Java coding. Making it easier for you to make modifications.

In fact, Minecraft Java can be a total nightmare for parents whose kids play Minecraft. Your kids can download an accidental virus when installing the mods. Your kids can also register your credit card info with unprotected websites that give out skins and mods too.

Minecraft is a very popular game and even horrible people use it too to infect computers. For example, your kid could be on a website with their Minecraft Java download mods that are infected.
In the biggest Minecraft Java vs Bedrock edition analysis, the whole thing depends on how and who you let use the server.

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Being a Java coded game, your kids may not be savvy in locating dangers. In fact, there are hackers who take advantage of the Minecraft Java and they advertise mods download websites for kids.
Your kid, in turn, could, in turn, try to purchase infected skins and mods and share your valuable information and even worse. They could share your address. Making it a dangerous place to be.

This is where the Mine craft Java vs Bedrock debate is out to rest. Minecraft understood that the internet can be a very bad place for kids playing Minecraft Java.

So, they designed an in-game market place. And, that is the Bedrock edition. It is a closed ecosystem and is not an open wild west of the Minecraft Java Edition.

The aim of the Minecraft Bedrock edition is to provide parents with the security they need and be able to screen kids’ gameplay. You can set your settings to your child-friendly content. The risk-management of the Bedrock edition is on point.

With the Minecraft Bedrock Edition being a secured ecosystem with safe payment modes developed by Microsoft themselves. You can be assured of a 100% safe Minecraft experience for your kids.

The Minecraft Bedrock edition will support all cross-platform gameplay too. Such as PlayStation. Xbox, Nintendo, Android, iPhone and more.

Even though the Minecraft Java is a purely PC based (Mac/PC/Linux), Minecraft Bedrock integrates all platforms easily.

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Minecraft Java vs Bedrock | The Endgame

The major difference in the Minecraft Java vs Bedrock debate is that the major difference is real life.

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Because in an open ecosystem like the java coded Minecraft players can get into many kinds of trouble.

In order to make it a safer place for children, the Minecraft Bedrock provides parents all the tools and options to do exactly that.


In the end, there are no major differences in gameplay between Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock. What is different though if the backend and secured infrastructure that lacks in the Java edition, but you get in the Bedrock edition.

Therefore, if you are looking to have a Minecraft experience that is safe and also child-friendly then the Minecraft Bedrock edition and its market place are designed to give you that extra security padding.