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PUBG Cheat Codes and Hacks YOU Should KNOW!

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Do we have PUBG cheat codes? Yes, we do. Do they work? Of course. PUBG sees daily at its very peak a minimum of 20,00000 players. That is a massively huge number. And, increasingly as complex this first shooter gets as you progress in the game, PUBG cheat codes have been on a high demand too.

Hackers around the world have managed to find the alleyways around the intensely complex algorithm to help newbies get their chicken dinner after all. But, you must be aware to use the PUBG cheat codes diligently because no cheat code eventually goes uncovered by the algorithm.

You would have to use them carefully to make the best out of them.

There are many websites like Unknown Cheats but again all of these PUBG cheat codes come with an expiry date.

But, we at News969 have decided to put an end to such rumour and bad PUBG cheat codes. because, if you haven’t kept up lately the makers of PUBG are dropping the hammer on about a million users every month for using such bad PUBG wiki codes.

Even for PUBG cheat codes for Android, your account can be permanently banned too.

But, that does not mean you can’t get your ‘Chicken Dinner’ every each time.

Here is all the PUBG loot you need to be the best among your friends. So to begin with, there are two types of PUBG cheat codes out there. One if to navigate and rapidly pace the map and the other is how to utilize your resources to your very best advantage.

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We will begin with each one of them.

PUBG Cheat Codes|Map

When it comes to the map, the biggest dilemma out of all is where to land. And, there is no straight answer to this. You could land in a baron area or in ana area that will have your enemies take you down in a minute.

The idea is that you understand that staying near the ‘blue zone’ initially is not such a bad thing. You could easily stay alive with some good healthy options and avoid the whole fight altogether. But, the problem with this PUBG cheat code is that you would always have to be on your mark.

And then comes the wallhacks. It is wildly possible that you can actually see through your enemies behind walls. It is available in a form of a MOD apk PUBG cheat code for Wallhacks.

PUBG cheat codes wall hack

PUBG Cheat Codes|Resources & Guns

Now we come to the point that actually gets your the ‘chicken dinner’. Your boys and guns.

When it comes to AImBots, we will strictly advise against it, as the chances of you getting banned are really high. As we said above that no hack goes undetected eventually. An AimBot is going to aim at your target automatically and get a straight line of sight to shoot and will shoot automatically. That means your effort to target and aim is cut in half.

You can also find Mod apk for PUBG cheat code hacks for speedhacks, teleporting, noclip, super jump, and item spawning. However, we should tell you to always choose a trusted platform to get your PUBG cheat codes. You can use our FreeModFinder for PUBG Cheat Codes for various resources to help you progress.

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Well PUBG fans when it comes to PUBG cheat codes this is as far as anybody has gotten so far without getting banned immediately. Remember that there is an option for a player to report a ‘cheater’ during the game itself. SO, using your cheat codes wisely is going to always be a very good idea.

But, we will be curating a 100% working PUBG guide that is a tested and proven formula for you to get your ‘chicken dinner’ every time.

Till then! Happy Playing!

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