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PUBG vs Free Fire: Why PUBG is better to play than Free Fire

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Jump on an island and fight for your survival, be the last player to win the game. PUBG and Free Fire both games come with the same mechanism but if you want to choose one of them then how would you decide? No worries folks we are here with PUBG VS Free Fire to smoothen your task.

Indeed both Battle Royale titles grabbed the immense popularity and it is pretty tough to consider which one would be good for you. The weapon system, gameplay, vehicles are almost the same in the two but in terms of visuals, PUBG wins the race. However, there are lots more things to consider so let’s check out the post and explore the characteristics of both games and conclude why PUBG is better than Free Fire.

PUBG vs Free Fire: Why PUBG is better to play than Free Fire
PUBG vs Free Fire

PUBG vs Free Fire: Gameplay

PUBG and Free Fire all the two games follow the same principle. You have to jump on an unknown island without any weapon and here you have to find weapons and vehicles to be the lone survivor on the island. Both games allow you to play solo, duo or in a team. Your sole motive in both games is to defend yourself and destroy others anyhow.

In terms of gameplay, both are similar so I am unable to determine which one you should install.

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PUBG vs Free Fire: Weapon, loot, and mechanism

When things come in terms of weapons then the PUBG is the clear winner. PUBG comes with over 30 types of weapons such as snipers, pistols, shotguns and many more.

On the other hand, Free Fire offers you less than 20 types of weapons but they are similar to PUBG weapons. Nevertheless, PUBG contains energy drinks and first aid kit to give you a realistic feel.

In terms of weapons loots and mechanism, PUBS seems more realistic and Free Fire offers you a zombie game-like feel.

PUBG vs Free Fire:  Vehicles

Vehicles are the most important to differentiate both popular survival games. The developers of PUBG has developed the game to revolutionize mobile gaming and in terms of vehicles, PUBG is the visible winner.

PUBG comes with real-life vehicles like cars, speed boats and many more. Free Fire also facilitates you with both ground and water vehicles but they don’t seem real. The cartoonish feel can make the game less engaging than PUBG.

So if you are looking for the real-life feeling then I would suggest you PUBG in terms of weapons and vehicles as well.

PUBG vs Free Fire: Heroes

Do you want to play like a random character or want to have a name? I think everyone wants to play with identity but in PUBG you are nobody, you are just a character among the horde of players. On the other hand, Free Fire gives you a name and you can choose the character as per your wish. Each hero in Free Fire comes with specific abilities so you have to select them carefully.

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Undoubtedly Free Fire is ahead in terms of heroes and their abilities.

PUBG vs Free Fire: Maps

Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Erangel are the maps in PUBG. Free Fire contains two maps and one of them is Bermuda which is most popular. Also, the maps of PUBG are more interesting and you have to be more tactful to move around. Whereas maps in Free Fire are not so engaging and you can feel bored.

In terms of maps, PUBG is ahead.

PUBG vs Free Fire: Our Verdict

After analyzing different aspects we can conclude that PUBG is better than Free Fire and if you are a dedicated player then I suggest the PUBG. You can also a try to both games to determine which one you should go for.

Doesn’t matter which one you choose but our duty is to offer you the accurate advice. Both games make you more strategic and train you to survive in tough situations. PUBG is ahead in terms of weapons, vehicles, maps, and visuals but the hero system of the Free Fire is also appreciable.

Rest depend on your priorities. Now its to know your views about PUBG and Free Fire and if you have tried both games then share your experiences with us. Also comments below if you have any question regarding the post. Stay connected and keep reading till then happy fighting.

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