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Residential proxy: the main questions answered

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Ensuring personal data protection and improving the quality of the connection are well-known, pressing problems for everyone who uses the Internet. This all happens because of the fast-growing traffic flows, the daily emergence of a large number of new resources in the network, etc. However, proxies can deal with a myriad of difficulties like these.

Today, we will talk about residential proxy. It’s an innovative modern tool for location-addicted operations. Let’s start observing this question step-by-step! 

What is a residential proxy?

There are many reasons to go online under a different IP address. And, the main reason is anonymity. Still, there are other factors that can be useful not only for personal affairs but also for business.

A residential proxy is an IP address provided by an ISP to a homeowner. This is the original IP address associated with the physical location. So basically, when you move to another location and configure your Internet, your ISP will provide you with an IP address. More than this, you can quickly check your IP address by typing it into Google to see how this process works. Do you want an example from a business case? Lots of companies use residential proxies by verifying ads and cleaning up airfares.

How do residential proxy servers differ from other proxy types?

The main difference between residential proxy servers and other types of proxies is that residential proxies are created from real physical devices rather than assigned by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). This makes it much more difficult to detect and block them.

Benefits of residential proxies

  1. Residential proxies are well known. IP reputation is used as the first line of defense for websites that receive a lot of traffic from bots. Residential proxies have a high reputation because they are registered with consumer ISPs.
  2. Residential proxies can be found all over the world. As a result, they provide a wide range of location coverage. Be sure that it’s far more than data center proxy servers could ever hope to provide. As a result, they are ideal for tasks such as SEO scanning, advertising verification, software localization, and others.
  3. Residential proxies provide great bang for your buck by PrivateProxy. This is because you are renting access to someone’s home internet connection rather than paying for a dedicated server as you would if you were using a data center proxy. As a result, if you are looking for an inexpensive approach to scraping the Internet, residential proxies are a great alternative.

How residential proxies usually work

Residential proxies are increasingly being used for varied business needs. The main reason for this is that such proxies work with real addresses of different ISPs in diverse locations (countries, states, regions, and cities). As a result, no matter who is interacting, it looks like it is carried out by a real user. No online service will not think to block requests from real addresses, because it may be a request from a potential customer. It would never occur to any online service to block requests from real addresses because it may be a request from a potential customer. 

How to use residential proxy servers?

Residential proxies can be used for various purposes such as web browsing, SEO monitoring, and ad verification. They are also commonly used to bypass geo-restrictions and access content that is not otherwise available in your area.

Residential proxy servers: pros and cons

Concerning residential proxies, IP addresses are issued by home Internet providers. The likelihood that they will be blacklisted and blocked is extremely small. In addition, these addresses can be issued dynamically and constantly change for each user.

Their use makes it more likely to get access to the desired content on the Internet without getting blocked. For the same reason, residential proxies are better suited for data collection and analysis. Therefore, companies that need to collect data from different sources and bypass possible blockages use such proxies.

At the same time, server proxies are usually cheaper.

Is it legal to use residential proxies for your business?

Of course! Residential proxy servers are allowed in most countries. However, it is always important to check local laws and regulations before using any type of proxy. More than this, don’t forget to rely on a trusted provider, like PrivateProxy. 

And now let’s talk about how to use residential proxies to solve business problems. The ability to simulate requests from real users with a real local IP address is very useful, including for businesses. Companies use residential proxies for data collection, various tests, working with necessary but blocked resources, and so on. 

Below you can also see some real business cases of residential proxies usage:

1.How to use residential proxy servers to check ads?

Residential proxies for checking ads have proven to be an effective way to see how ads are being displayed in other countries. Additionally, they allow businesses to see if the ads shown are real, as many hackers are prone to fake ads and revenue claims.

2.How to use residential proxies for fare aggregation?

When it comes to aggregating fares, collecting price data can be difficult. It happens because of the strict security of airline websites, travel agencies, and other sources. They normally have to check any website visitors’ activity to define and block bots, etc. That’s why resident proxies are must-haves in alike situations.

Wrapping it up

Every time you go online, your website’s history is tracked by your Internet provider or the specified website you visit. Both can also have a rough estimate of your location. This is possible because they know and can see your IP address. 

Luckily, a residential proxy service can easily solve such a problem. There are also many benefits of using residential proxies. For instance, they can boast of a solid reputation, large reach, and cost-effectiveness. Just imagine, residential proxies by PrivateProxy can access millions of IP addresses! Their dynamic network combines ISP IP networks and P2P proxies. This unique technology eliminates downtime, provides high scalability, and guarantees maximum anonymity.

So, if you are looking for a reliable proxy solution for web scraping, consider residential proxies!

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