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How to set parental controls on Netflix and Amazon Prime

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Do you want to set parental controls on Netflix and Amazon Prime? In the world of Online entertainment and gaming, parents always worried about what their kids are doing online. Maybe you too! Right? Netflix and Amazon Prime are full Entertainment package, along with a packed source of knowledge too. Undoubtedly, there is adult content online, which is not good for kids. Hence, here comes the role of parental controls. Scroll down to know more!

Parental Control is the way to set choices for your kids on what they can watch with these Brand platforms. With these, the kids can manage their Screen time independently. Restriction Access is mandatory!

How to set parental controls on Netflix and Amazon Prime
parental controls on Netflix and Amazon Prime

How to Set Parental Controls on Netflix?

The following are the two steps that will guide you on parental controls on Netflix. With Netflix you can set control in two ways if you are a Primary holder:


  • These are also known as Hard controls. In this, you require a PIN for specific maturity ratings.
  • Set a 4-digit PIN that one should enter before watching a content(above maturity level). This will gives you the surety that children do not watch content above their maturity. You can also set a 4-digit PIN for specific movies or TV series.

Maturity Level: Little Kids, age of 6 and less, Older Kids Age of 6 to 12 years, Teenager age of 13 and 14 years, or Adults above 15+.

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Add a Child Profile and impose various restrictions on the whole profile. To add a child’s profile to your Netflix account, simply hit “Add Profile” from your home screen. Enter a name for the profile and tick the box for a child, then continue.

  • These are also known as Soft controls. In this, choose the maturity level on general Level(Broad level-for profile itself)
  • Set a maturity level for a particular profile to control the TV shows and movies available for that profile. You, the parent or guardian, ensure your child uses only the correct profile.

How to Set Parental Controls on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Fire TV devices (Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick), Fire tablets, Fire Phone and Microsoft Xbox 360 all these devices have their own Parental control settings(different in one way or other). So, you have to manage settings on individual devices.

Setting Up a Prime Video PIN

  • To set up a PIN, Open your device, PC or MAC. GO to Prime Video Settings and then Parental Controls.
  • For iOS, go to Settings from the menu and then Parental Control and then change Prime Video PIN.
  • For Android, Go to the bottom menu and select “My Stuff”. Then go to settings, then Parental Controls, Change PIN and Save

Setting up Restrictions on Prime Video

With this, you can limit content.

  • For PC or Mac, go to Prime Video Settings then go to Parental Controls.
  • For iOS, select Settings from the menu, then Parental Controls, then Viewing Restrictions.
  • Prime Video app for Android, select My Stuff from the bottom menu, then select the Settings icon. From there, select Parental Controls, then Viewing Restrictions.
  • For all of the above, Select Age Restriction and Save.
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Closing Thoughts for Parents

Parents, We understand your concern. SO this full-fleshed guide for setting control will surely be going to help you. Now you can restrict watching content on Whole profile or restrict watching certain movies and shows by entering Maturity Level and Age bar.

We share many Parent Control Guide on Various game and apps, Stay tuned.

I hope you would like the article and will find it beneficial too.

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