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Not all nations in the world with a cricket national squad have achieved Test status. Being qualified as such means that it is possible to participate in some of the best cricket competitions all over the world. Everything about this competition can be found at the website, which also talks a lot about the Sri Lankan squad.- The cricket Lions

If there is a single word that can describe the Sri Lankan Cricket squad it would be underdog. In other words, there was a time when, while this team existed and participated in many tournaments, it didn’t really have any chance to win. However, everything has changed. Through hard work, Sri Lanka has managed to become an extremely talented cricket squad. By visiting the 1xNews website it is possible to learn everything that happens with this excellent team.

An Underdog with huge ambitions

The sport came to Sri Lanka through British colonization. The first cricket squads that appeared in the country were made up of mostly British citizens. They traveled to that part of the world for different reasons. However, by the end of the 19th century, some serious intentions appeared to create an official national squad. It is possible to find cricket betting predictions on 1xnews, which can help to wager on the Sri Lankan squad. Other squads that had similar beginnings were:


  • India;
  • Bangladesh;
  • and Australia.

Those intentions finally materialized, and the first Ceylon national cricket team was born. Later on, as the country was officially renamed to Sri Lanka, everything on it would also change names. This included the team, which now was known as the Sri Lanka cricket team. Now, it is possible on 1xBet find cricket betting predictions, which can give great chances to win by betting on this team.

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Rising to top-level cricket- The cricket Lions

1975 was the first time ever when Sri Lanka played in top-level cricket competitions. In that year, the Sri Lankan squad managed to secure their first qualification ever to the Cricket World Cup. Those who do 1xBet download fast and safely can win great rewards by betting on this squad and this competition.

In 1981 the Sri Lankan team was finally recognized with Test squad status. Their first opponent as an official member of the Test cricket club was England. While they lost in this contest played in Colombo, they knew that great things would come in the future.

Going a few years later, finally all the hard work put by the Sri Lankans paid off. This is because in 1996 they won the Cricket World Cup for the first time ever. This was in a legendary match played against Australia. In general, Sri Lanka continues to impress in the cricket world, and to download 1xBet fast and safely can serve to bet on this team.