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Best NFL Streaming Services for 2019

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If you are looking for a full-fleshed guide to witness NFL games this season then you caught the right page. Today we are going to discuss best NFL streaming services to enjoy your favorite football league without any interruption.

With the decreasing popularity of cable TV, people used to move on streaming services but still, it was pretty tricky to watch live sports. But nowadays it is too simple to stream your favorite channels within minutes. If you have access to the appropriate sports channels then you are eligible to enjoy NFL games because many streaming services provide the channels that air NFL. Not only streaming services but also NFL provide effective ways with which you can stream the whole season.

Indeed for cord-cutters, there are many ways to stream NFL games and to reveal that ones let’s start reading.

Best NFL Streaming Services for 2019
Best streaming services to stream NFL

Best NFL streaming services 2019

You can stream NFL sports without going for costly streaming services and in cheap prices, you can air your favorite sport. Here are the best streaming services to witness NFL season:

Sling TV

$40 Per month Sling Orange+ Sling Blue

Sling TV is one of the best ways to stream the NFL and for this, you have to combine the Sling TV Orange and Sling TV Blue packages to watch every NFL game. When you combined them then you have to pay $40 for both packages and in return, you have the access to ESPN, Fox Sport, NBC, and NFL network. Isn’t amazing!

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Fubo TV

$55 Per Month 

When things come in terms of sports streaming services then how can we forget Fubo TV because this streaming service is specially made for Sports streaming. Fubo TV offers you 30+ live sports channels including CBS, Fox Sports, NBC, and NFL network. But you can’t access ESPN via Fubo TV. The good thing is that you just need to pay $54.99 for a month and for the initial month you need to pay $45 only.

Hulu with live TV

$45 Per Month

Hulu with Live TV monthly plan costs $45 and offers you access to CBS, Fox Sports, NBC, ESPN. The bad news is that Hulu doesn’t support NFL network but you can still stream NFL games with other live channels that air the NFL season.

Play Station Vue

$55 Per Month

Sony’s Play Station Vue is also the best option to stream NFL season and for it, you have to pay $55 monthly. Play Station Vue offers you the accessibility to popular sports channels including CBS, NBC, Fox Sports, ESPN, and NFL network. Moreover, if you want to follow your dream team then you have to pay $10 extra for Red Zone.

Youtube TV

$50 Per Month

Youtube TV is a relatively cheaper option to stream NFL season and requires $50 per month for accessing CBS, NBC, Fox Sports, and ESPN. But the streaming service doesn’t allow you to access Red Zone and NFL network. Limited availability of Youtube TV is also the chief drawback but if it is available in your city then it is a great choice for you.

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$50 Per Month

AT&t TV Now offers you multiple packages and its starting package costs $50 per month via which you can access 45+ channels along with ESPN. CBS, FOX, and NBC also accessible but rest depends on your location. One of the best things about DirecTV Now aka AT&T TV Now is that you can enjoy local channels and regional sports channels without any hassle.

Amazon Prime Video

$13 Per Month

Amazon Prime Video is one of the best NFL streaming services because of its Thursday Nights NFL coverage. Nevertheless, the streaming giant offers you several sports channels such as CBS, NBA League Pass, and PGA Tour live for just $13 per month.

Bottom Lines

So, folks, these are the best NFL streaming services to witness all the NFL games. There are many more methods to enjoy NFL seasons like NFL mobile app, NFL Sunday Ticket, and NFL Game pass so don’t think that only one way to watch NFL games is cable TV. If you want to cut your cable cords then go for streaming services and if don’t then NFL Pass will fill your needs for NFL viewing.

I hope you gathered the required information via the post and now you would enjoy the NFL season without any complexity. So please share the post with your football lover friends and in case still any query hovering in your mind then comments below.

Thank you!

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