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WhatsApp update: What is the upcoming self-destruction feature of Whatsapp?

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Self-destruction feature of Whatsapp

Whatsapp has become synonymous for messaging and the messaging giant got space in everyone’s smartphone. To upgrade its usability the developers of Whatsapp give often updates and current Whatsapp update is coming with whole new mouth-watering features. The newest beta update of Whatsapp has exposed some interesting features for both Android and iOS but the most attention grabber is the self-destruction feature of Whatsapp.

The dark mode is also the most expected feature of Whatsapp users but there is no confirmation yet but it is confirmed that WhatsApp is going to roll out self-destruction feature. This feature is available for beta versions but soon it will available officially on Whatsapp. Snapchat users enjoying this feature and to maximize the popularity of the chat app developers are going to launch it.

What is the upcoming self-destruction feature of Whatsapp?

A while back Whatsapp released the “Delete Message for everyone” feature and the sender can delete the message for both sender and receiver. The self-destruction feature is the next level of that feature and with this facility, the user can set a time and within set time frame message will be self-destroyed. Indeed this feature will add a protective layer of security to your account. Telegram, Signal, Youtube, Instagram, and Snapchat are offering this feature to their users and Whatsapp is ready to run in the race.

This feature would be beneficial for those who want to convey sensitive information via Whatsapp and don’t want to be permanently available.

The current message deletion feature of Whatsapp is too basic and users can delete a message after 5 seconds or an hour. Moreover, the feature is applied only in group chats but the upcoming self-destruction feature of Whatsapp would be available for all chats.

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We just wait and watch until the self-destruction feature will be available to make your chats more secure.

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