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Whatsapp Fingerprint Lock Update Launched for Android: How to Set up

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Whatsapp Fingerprint Lock Update Launched for Android
Whatsapp fingerprint lock feature revealed for Android

The world’s top messaging app launched a Fingerprint lock update for Android on Thursday. With this innovative feature now users can lock Whatsapp with the fingerprint sensor. Whatsapp has become synonymous for instant messaging and the messaging giant has become the topmost choice worldwide. Via Whatsapp people used to convey messages, photos, videos, emojis and much more but if you are concerned about your privacy then Whatsapp fingerprint lock update will fill all your security parameters.

Whatsapp’s fingerprint lock facility has launched for iPhone users first and after a long wait finally, Android users will enjoy it. Now Whatsapp users can unlock and lock their chat app with the fingerprint sensor and now you don’t need any third-party app to secure your chats. It is too easy to activate this feature on your android smartphone and even your children can activate it within minutes.

How to activate Whatsapp fingerprint lock on Android

Privacy is the topmost concern of everyone and I think you are going crazy to secure your confidential chats with the latest Whatsapp fingerprint lock update for Android. No more wait now here are the simplest steps to activate this revolutionary feature on your chat app:

  • First of all, update Whatsapp to the latest version and make sure your smartphone has a fingerprint sensor.
  •  After updating Whatsapp go to settings and you can move to the settings by tapping on the three-dot menu, situated at the top right corner.
  • After navigating settings move to Account>Privacy> fingerprint lock, tap on it.
  • Now its time to unlock fingerprint lock by switching on toggling.
  • Your device may ask to input your fingerprint and then your chats are protected with the fingerprint lock.
  • You can also set a time limit to lock with the fingerprint sensor.
  • Next time when you open up Whatsapp you have to touch the fingerprint sensor to access your messages.
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Fingerprint lock feature doesn’t restrict calls but you can hide your private chats and other stuff with this advanced security feature of Whatsapp. At the starting of 2019, Whatsapp launched this facility for iOS users and now the chat giant avail it to the android users. Ready to camouflage your chats?

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