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Everything you need to know about IOS 13.2 features

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On 28th October Apple has released the iOS 13.2 update for IOS 13 and iPadOS 13 operating systems with the most awaited features. The notable thing is that Apple didn’t take time to launch this feature-rich update as before two weeks ago Apple launched the IOS 13.1. To rectify all the shortcomings and bug fixes Apple launched IOS 13.2 and if you are looking for a detailed description of IOS 13.2 features then your search ends up here.

Our mission is to give full updates to our readers and in order to satisfy your queries regarding IOS 13.2 features we are here with our full-fleshed guide. Just scroll down and reveal what’s new in the latest update for IOS 13 and iPadOS 13.

Everything you need to know about IOS 13.2 features
IOS 13.2 features and bug fixes

iOS 13.2 features

Apple released second public and developer betas with deep fusion, Siri privacy, new emojis along with new shortcuts for the home screen. Apart from attractive features, this major update fixed major bugs that occurred in the previous updates. Here is everything you should know about the IOS 13.2:

Deep Fusion feature

If you love to click photos and post them on soci0al media then this feature is going to surprise you. Many times we don’t have proper lighting to click selfies and images and in that situation, we get blur images. And Apple understood this complexity and presented a deep fusion technology to give you impressive images even in low lights.

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Deep fusion technology captures multiple images when you click a single pic and then does a pixel by pixel comparison and integrate the best part of all the captured images to give you the best final image. Deep fusion technology is based on A13 Bionic Neural Engine so it is compatible only with iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Siri Privacy Settings

Apple is continuously upgrading its facilities for Apple users and this time Apple provides you the more control over Siri settings. With Siri, privacy settings users can opt-out to permit Apple to share the audio recordings of both Siri and dictation sessions. Now users are also able to delete Siri and dictation history from Siri settings.

Airpods Pro Support

Another most important feature of IOS 13.2 beta is the support for AirPodes pro. You have to pay $249 to buy AirPods Pro and after then you can enjoy them with iOS 13.2 update.

Home Screen Tweaks

Now users can delete desired apps right from the home screen. Before the IOS 13.2 update when you long-press an app symbol “Rearrange Apps” option occurred but now you will get the “Edit Home Screen” option. Thus you can delete whatever you want.

New Emojis

To enhance your chatting experience one of the best IOS 13.2 features is its upgraded emojis. IOS 13.2 update is bringing more than 70 new emojis including animal, food, activity, gender-neutral and skin choice for couple emojis.

Important bug fixes and improvements in the iOS 13.2 update

  • The latest update will prevent autofill passwords to third-party apps.
  • The occurrence of Keyboard while using search was a serious issue and that is fixed in the latest IOS update.
  • Also resolved an issue where swipe to go home might not function for iPhone X and later.
  • Before the launch of iOS 13.2 users encountered the phone number in messages instead of contact name and now it is fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that leads contacts to launch to the previously opened contact besides the contact list.
  • Fixed a problem where saved notes frequently disappear.
  • It also solved an issue where iCloud backup might not successfully complete.
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Before you go…

IOS 13.2 is one of the major updates for Apple users that offers revolutionary features and improvements. And after observing the post you would get all the answers for which you were looking for. If you still have any queries regarding IOS 13.2 update then let us know below in the comment section.

We will update our post IOS 13.2 features whenever we find new features so stay connected with us.

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