5 Awesome Benefits of PNB Housing Loan Against Property

5 Awesome Benefits of PNB Loan Against Property

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There may come a time in your life when you’re required to fund major expenses such as children’s higher education, medical expenses, setting up or expanding business ventures, etc.

PNB Housing understands these requirements and helps you unlock your property to meet significant financial obligations. It offers a flexible and affordable loan against property that is quick and easy to obtain.

What is a Loan Against Property?

PNB loan against property is a loan granted against the security of a property. You can pledge your existing residential or commercial property as collateral for the loan.

The funds obtained from the loan can be used for various purposes, including pursuing higher education, medical treatments, business growth or expansion, furnishing your home, foreign travel, family function, etc.

Key Highlights of PNB Housing Loan Against Property

Loan Amount  Up to 60% of property value
Loan Tenure Up to 20 years
Eligibility ●        Salaried or self-employed professional or non-professional

●        Age limit: 60 for salaried and 65 for self-employed at maturity

 Interest Rate It varies from 8.25% to 11.50%, depending on the type of property and your CIBIL Score
Processing Fee Up to 0.5% of the loan amount
Benefits ●        Customized Eligibility

●        Personalized doorstep services

●        No hidden charges

Application Procedure Online or visit a nearby branch of PNB Housing Finance Limited
Documents required for For Salaried Individuals

●        Application with photograph

●        Proof of Identity

●        Proof of residence

●        Latest Salary Slips (3 months)

●        Form 16- last two years

●        Last six months’ bank statements

●        Photocopy of all property title deeds and approved plan

●        A cheque for processing fee favoring PNB Housing Finance Limited

For Self-Employed

●        Application with photograph

●        Proof of Identity

●        Proof of residence

●        Proof of Business Existence

●        Last three years duly audited Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account

●        Previous three years Income Tax Returns ( self and business)

●        Last 12 months’ bank statements

●        Photocopy of all property title deeds and approved plan

●        A cheque for processing fee favoring PNB Housing Finance Limited

Repayment Options EMI through cheque or electronic clearance system

5 Advantages of PNB Housing’s Loan against Property

A loan against property can come as a great relief when you’re stuck in a personal financial crunch. It can be your best alternative to fulfill both personal and professional goals.

Here’s a look at the innumerable benefits of a loan against property.

Low-Interest Rates

A loan against property is a secured loan with a negligible risk factor for lenders. Hence, lenders are willing to offer the loan at lower interest rates, making it an extremely affordable option for borrowers.

So you can save yourself from financially distressful situations without having to burn your pockets with high EMIs later on.

Higher Loan Amount

The amount sanctioned for a loan against property is comparatively higher than an unsecured loan. You can access up to 60% of the property’s current value, depending upon whether it is a residential or commercial property, empty or occupied.

The eligible loan amount will depend on factors such as your income, age, qualification, occupation, etc.

Longer Tenure

Another key benefit of opting for a PNB Housing loan against property is its long repayment tenure lasting up to 20 years.

This translates into smaller EMIs and a comfortable repayment cycle, making a loan against property more lucrative than an unsecured loan.

Continued Usage of Property

Even after you pledge your property for a loan, you are still the property owner and can use it the way you like. It keeps serving as a pledge for the loan while you continue to use it for residential or commercial purposes.

So, it’s like putting your property to double use. If you’re still confused, take a look at PNB Housing finance feedback by existing borrowers.

Partial Fund Disbursement

A loan against property also provides you the benefits of loan disbursement in multiple tranches. You can ask your lender to disburse a part of your loan and keep the remaining for later stages.

The scheme is beneficial for projects such as construction where expenses are incurred over several years. This way, you can shift your EMI cycle until full disbursement though you may be required to pay a pre-EMI interest.

Contact PNB Housing Finance Today!

PNB Housing Finance offers hassle-free documentation and quick processing of loans. With so many features and benefits, it could be the ideal lender to fund your big-ticket expenses. So get in touch with PNB Housing today and easily manage your personal or professional financial requirements.

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