Could Your Health and Wellness Be Improved With Better Supplements

Better Supplements
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Taking multi-vitamins and essential omega 3’s, and even apple cider vinegar is one way to keep on top of your internal health and ideally your immune system which can never do have enough nutrients and minerals, but have you considered that you could do more with Better Supplements? 

Sure, we have all heard about taking handfuls of vitamins to ensure you get the full spectrum of the vitamin calendar but if swallowing endless pills and capsules is not your thing there are alternatives. It may not necessarily eliminate the capsule element, but if we could combine them into one, then your one-a-day doesn’t seem so bad.

The big question now is, are there pills or tablets that contain all (or close to) the required dosage of healthy minerals? Unless you are happy to ingest a chemically-filled man-made, plastic-covered pill, it is unlikely. What you need is something that simply gets to the root of your health and manages it from the inside out. A vitamin-rich dose that is all-natural and organic and rules out the negative effects in the long run which is so evident in the medicines and health alternatives we see on the shelves today. 

CBD as the future.

It is no secret that the recently discovered (or rather rediscovery of – see here for a brief tale on that) Cannabis Sativa plant strain Hemp, with its CBD and THC plant compounds apart of its genetic makeup, is taking the world by storm. 

With much research and the use of modern-day technology at hand, we have managed to extract the CBD oil, without the bad seeded THC which is left in the strain for recreational uses, and infused it into health supplements and products the world over. It has aided hundreds of thousands of people around the globe in their quest for a safer, healthier lifestyle and without the need for mass-produced, toxin-based prescription medicines. 

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The versatility of the oil has allowed users to add it to their diets, meals, and kitchen chef enthusiasts to become innovative to the extent that we can now order CBD-infused gummies and brownies, win-win. Why wouldn’t you want a healthy, organic product that comes in the shape and taste of a chocolate cookie? Who knew that you could improve your overall wellness with the help of a humble plant and naturally refined choc-chips?

You may have tried the cleverly advertised physical and mental health supplements seen on billboards or during commercial breaks as you watch TV, but have you noticed a change? A difference to justify the cause? For most people they have not and which is why CBD is proving increasingly popular with its impactful effects. What you need are health supplements that deliver on their promise, they do what they say on the tin, which aren’t filled with preservatives and additives that essentially dilute the very ingredient you are after. 

 Health and Wellness

How supplements work.

You may think it is simply about taking the most popular supplement brand on the shelf and hoping it works, but what you need to keep in mind is that research is key. Yes, supplements will certainly help and be better for you, but reading the product labels to ensure you are getting the organic and natural ingredients you need will be to your advantage, and there are plenty. Let’s see what some of those are.

  • Nutrients. Supplements are a great way to get a well-balanced vitamin and mineral supply, while foods are good for certain minerals they don’t contain all of them, and trying to eat all the foods to make up for them would be impossible. 
  • Weight management. If you are reasonably fit and active then taking a vitamin won’t negatively affect this, it will in fact help you regulate and maintain a healthy goal weight and keep you energized to stick to your fitness routine.
  • Cognitive. As we age it is no secret that our minds and mental capacity diminish, it could be due to external influences or lack thereof or failure to exercise the brain (because yes it is a muscle and would do well to keep fit, see this article for tips on what you could do to train your brain)
  • Performance. As an athlete you are pushing your body to the limits daily, breaking down the muscles and building them back up again, this means you need to put back into your body what is being lost through sweat and intensive training sessions. A quality product such as CBD can help speed up the repair process, target any inflamed joints to significantly reduce any pain, and get you back to the gym in a shorter turn-around time.
  • Immunity. When the internal functions of the body are regulated, maintained for optimal work there is less chance of being susceptible to viruses and the common cold. Your immune system is at prime level, keeping you protected and free from illness, and if a plant implemented into your daily life is all it takes do you have anything to lose?
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Your say.

At the end of the day, when we look better, feel better both inside and out it shows, and with that comes the positivity of our personality. You know that feeling when you are having a great day, things just happen as you need or like them to, questions are answered, and all seems right in the world, and life is about being enjoyed. ‘Love the life you live’, as they say.

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