The amazing Ray Illingworth

The amazing Ray Illingworth

Ray Illingworth
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Many fantastic cricket players have come from England. In those years when first-class cricket was the norm, there were fantastic players from that nation. Spending time at 1xNews – read all sports news India and from the rest of the world.- Ray Illingworth

One of the finest English players that deserve to be remembered is Ray Illingworth. He played professionally between 1951 and 1983. During those years, he made some achievements in first-class cricket that have been replicated by less than 10 other players. Specifically, he scored more than 2 thousand wickets and 20 thousand runs in this form of the game. Cricket fans can read all sports news on 1xNews India, which features the most important information related to cricket from all over the world. visit here

Excellent performances

Illingworth was an amazing player in first-class cricket. In the decades when he was an active player, he was seen as one of the best cricketers in the world. ​​If you want to get cricket betting tips visit and use them to perform fantastic wagers.

The squads where the Englishman played included:

and also the English national cricket team.

Ray Illingworth was seen as a fantastic bowler. For example, he had a technique that allowed his balls to have subtle changes in their trajectory mid-flight. This meant that on some occasions, the batsmen were caught completely off-guard, and the ball went into places they didn’t expect. In order to get cricket betting tips visit the 1xNews website, and get the best information to make the most profitable cricket wagers.

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An incredible unbeaten run

In the 1960s, Ray Illingworth was appointed as captain of the English national squad. It is possible to visit 1xNews website to find out kabaddi results and also cricket scores and information.

Illingworth became the captain of his squad back in 1967, and by then, England had secured a streak of seven unbeaten matches. However, thanks to the leadership and talent of the player, this streak was extended into 27 unbeaten matches. This record was achieved by 1971. Some of the rivals that were defeated in that period included Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and the West Indies.

While the 28th match was a defeat against India by four wickets, England still secured an impressive and even longer streak. This is because by the 40th match since the start of this streak, the team had won 39 and lost one, which was the aforementioned one with India. Those who want to find out cricket and kabaddi results can definitely visit the 1xNews website, and read the most accurate information.