The disgusting comment made by Nick Kyrgios during a match

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Tennis is one of those sports where strict rules should be observed by everybody involved in their matches. It is possible to visit 1xBet – best betting site Bangladesh which features the best wagering chances on this sport.

Those rules are not only related to the sport itself, but also to the behavior that players should display. visit here

In 99% of the matches players effectively comply with those rules. However, there is a remaining 1% where this doesn’t happen. Right now, 1xBet Bangladesh is the best betting site where punters can wager on multiple different outcomes that happen in tennis matches.

The “bad guy” of tennis

There is always a player who is considered as the “bad guy” in tennis. Normally, this is a player who is famous for his outbursts, and who doesn’t regularly follow those unwritten rules regarding good manners. It is possible to 1xBet download app now, and to use it to wager on lots of different tennis players.

Australian player Nick Kyrgios is one of the most recent examples of a “bad guy” in the sport. He has incredible talent. However, he also has an incredible ability to say and do things that don’t follow those unwritten rules of the sport. The procedure to download the 1xBet app now is quite simple, and after doing that, it will be possible to wager on all Kyrgios’ matches.

A comment that was too distracting

On the 13th of May 2015, Kyrgios faced Swiss player Stanislas Wawrinka in a competition in Montreal, Canada. The Australian won the contest, however, the result of the match wasn’t precisely the main topic of conversation after it ended. Fans can make live wagers on those major tennis competitions through the website.

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This story involved four people, which were:

  • Kyrgios;
  • Wawrinka;
  • Croatian player Donna Vekic, who at the time was Wawrinka’s girlfriend;
  • and also Australian player Thanasi Kokkinakis.

In the beginning of the second set, Kyrgios won the first game after being 40-0 up. After said game, both players took a break. However, while they crossed each other’s path, the Greek said a phrase that is well remembered even today.

Specifically, and to put it in a more “soft” way, Kyrgios said that “Kokkinakis was having fun with Wawrinka’s girlfriend”. Obviously, this left the Swiss speechless. This was not because he believed that this was true, but because he didn’t expect something so disrespectful from a colleague.

Apparently, this comment was too distracting for Wawrinka, who ended up losing the match. Kokkinakis also commented on Twitter that he had nothing to do with the comment, and also criticized Kyrgios for mentioning him. The 1xBet website features live wagering chances on all matches played by Nick Kyrgios.

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