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How To Get Free Fortnite Skin for PS4

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You can always count on Sony to work on exclusive user content. Free Fortnite Skin on PS4 is the latest trend driving gamers insane. You can count on them to give content with third-party developers, new in-app games or even self-publishing and developing incentives to keep fans coming back.

And recently PlayStation Fortnite players can avail Free Fortnite Skins.

It is as simple as, logging on to your PlayStation and go to your Fortnite account and find your skins there.

free fortnite skins

But, apart from that, there are not backdoor ways to get Fortnite skins for free.

Types of Free Fortnite Skins You Can Unlock

  1. you can get a free PlayStation plus skin if you have ps plus
  2. If you win a game in a season (solo, squads, duos) you get that season glider.
  3. Occasionally you can get free back bling by completing challenges such as the birthday cake back bling.
  4. You can get free dances by getting farther into the battle pass.
  5. You can get V-bucks by getting farther into the battle pass (free and paid)

Also in the future, the battle pass might have skins in the free section. Also the shop sometimes (rarely) has free stuff.

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How to Get Fortnite Skins for Free on Battle Royale?

You can’t purchase skins on any other mode on PlayStation’s Fortnite.

You just need to start Fornite on your PlayStation and lunch the game.

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Then Choose Battle Royale

free fortnite skins

That will take you to the ITEMS SHOP. And, you can buy Fortnite skins and cosmetics.

free fortnite skins

Well, guys, those were the easiest ways that you can Free Fortnite Skins. In fact, you can just keep playing well to earn V bucks and use them to buy Fortnite skins for PlayStation 4. To keep a track of all your Fortnite Skin for PlayStation 4, you can find it here with the comprehensive Fortnite Skin Tracker.

If you have any other legit ways to get skins for Fortnite do let us know in the comments section.

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