Kingdom Hearts 3 for PC Everything you must know

Kingdom Hearts 3 for pc
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Living in a world of technology and entertainment,  new games are released every month. And today I am going to talk about Kingdom Hearts 3 for PC. A lot of games are released like Minecraft, Fortnite, Forza Horizon 4, Borderlands3 some get popularity while some do not.  Kingdom of hearts gained a lot of popularity after its release because Friendship stories are always impressive and heart-touching. The game is purely based on the power of friendship. Read the article to know everything about this friend’s game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 for pc

In an Interview Speaking to Famitsu, Kingdom Hearts 3 director Tetsuya Nomura said that Square Enix will reconsider releasing the game on other consoles too after its release on PS4 and Xbox One. but it’s not definite that Kingdom Hearts 3 could finally be seen on Nintendo Switch and/or PC. The old release of Square Enix is releasing games for PC, Playstation, and Xbox too. So from here, we can say that there are higher chances that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be soon on PC but “when” is still a question. Final Fantasy series was also made for PlayStation but now available for PC too. This is the true ray of hope to our hearts.

Kingdom Hearts 3 for PC: Everything you need to know

Kingdom Hearts 3 recounts the strength of friendship and Understanding as Sora and his friends, Donald Duck and Goofy, begin on a risky adventure. Kingdom Hearts reflects the journey of Sora, a young boy and unknowing heir to a majestic power. They are trying to stop an evil force known as the Heartless from reaching and attacking the universe.

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The gameplay is similar to in Kingdom Hearts II, the same combat and actions. The trailer shows successful ideas from the handheld titles, specifically Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, which will be integrated as well. There is a greater emphasis on movement, with Sora able to jump on certain enemies and to wall run. The new features are:

  1. Attraction Flow – The new attacks here show the actual Disney rides. Those moves are Teacups, Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Pirate Ship. The attacks will be triggered under “certain battle conditions,”.
  2. Keyblade Transformations – Sora’s iconic Keyblades are nowhere with the added ability of dramatic transformations in battle. Each and every weapon here has a unique transformation, such as into a pair of colorful guns, or a chariot pulled by a pegasus.
  3. Guard Form – Drive forms return.
  4. Power Form – The power form alters the Keyblade into a different weapon, but we don’t yet know what that weapon looks like.
  5. Second Form – Sora in the second form with the power to unleash special solo or collaborative attacks on a group of enemies.

What games should you play before Kingdom Hearts 3?

The game is present on PlayStation in one or another form. In 2018, Square Enix released Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Remix, an HD remastered collection that includes key games plus movie versions of less significant spin-offs, and Kingdom Hearts HD II. It really doesn’t matter which games you have played before Kingdom hearts 3 but you will have some different experience if you have played some other games too before Kingdom Hearts 3.

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Play the games Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 0.2

Read story highlights of Kingdom Hearts Dream, Drop, Distance

Final Words

Hey players! Enjoy playing the game now! If you truly want to play the game then you can buy a PlayStation or XBOX console version. If you only want a version to play on PC then you have to wait, Till when and how long cannot be said, but yes minimum of a year wait it will be.

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