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Meet Rafael Nadal’s wife Xisca Perello – the beautiful Girl who married tennis star

Finally, tennis star Rafael tied the knot with his childhood sweetheart Xisca Perello and everyone is crazy about the big day. Rafael’s fans are crazy to know who is the girl who grabbed all the limelight to be the wife of the Rafa.

The pair got married in a grand marriage function in the presence of 350 Royal guests at La Forteza, extremely expensive property in Spain. Rosa Clara designed the wedding gown of the gorgeous bride and the gown has become the internet sensation. Before marrying the couple dated each other for 14 years and after a deep relationship they decided to be the life partners.

But the biggest question is that who is Xisca Parello and what is her background. Here is all we know about the beautiful girl who  married the tennis star:

Who is Xisca Perello?

Maria Francisca Parello aka Xisca Perello is a business graduate who is working as an insurer. She met Rafal through Rafal’s sister who is her friend also. If you are a big fan of Rafael then you would probably know that the tennis star started a charity foundation ten years ago. The notable thing is that Xisca is serving the Nadal foundation as the project director.

In 2005 the pair started dating and as a result, on 20th October they got married. Xisca now 31 years old and she is really concerned about her relationship with Rafa.

To preserve her relationship with Nadal Xisca used to skip most of Nadal’s matches. Behind it, the gorgeous gave the reason that she didn’t want to distract the attention of the Rafal from his match. Really appreciable approach!

In 2011 in her interview with the Telegraph, she revealed that there must be a distance between the relationship and professional life and she wanted that Rafael gives his best to continue his performance as the tennis star.

One of the most surprising facts is that Xisca Perello doesn’t acquire any public social media channels. Xisca always avoids limelight and celebrity status and I think that’s the reason that pretty lady managed to steal the heart of tennis star.

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