Selecting suitable 18K gold wedding band for a woman

Selecting suitable 18K gold wedding band for a woman

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One of the most accurate indicators that a woman is married, irrespective of religion, is the wedding band she wears. While a married woman may wear other jewellery like necklaces and earrings only occasionally, she will usually wear her wedding ring or band all the time. Hence the wedding band is usually made from gold since it does not get corroded or oxidized, even if it will become wet. Many people are interested in purchasing a 18k gold wedding band women’s for their wedding, and most retailers have a large number of wedding bands available. Some of the main factors which should be considered while choosing a wedding band are discussed below.

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One of the most important factors while choosing a wedding band is the design of the band. The buyer should consider the personal preferences of the woman who will wear the wedding band. To cater to the requirement of their clients, jewellers are stocking gold wedding bands, as well as bands which are embedded with diamonds and other precious stones. The wedding bands are available in different patterns, with designs engraved in some bands. While the wedding bands with gemstones, diamonds embedded are attractive, the buyer should be aware that the gemstones may fall off over a period of time, adversely affecting the appearance of the ring.


Gold is widely used for wedding bands, and the buyer can choose from different colors like white gold, rose gold or yellow gold. 18k gold wedding band womens is very popular since it is durable and does not easily bent. Additionally the band buyer should also choose the gemstones in the wedding band. Diamonds are the most popular gemstones since they are very hard, attractive and do not get scratched. The diamonds are further graded based on their cut, size and quality. Round diamonds are widely preferred in wedding bands, since they have 57 facets, allowing maximum light to enter, increasing the sparkle. Rubies, emeralds and sapphire are also used in wedding bands.

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Another major consideration while choosing a wedding band is the price of the wedding band. Since gold is used, the purity of gold and the weight of the wedding band are the main factors affecting the price of wedding bands without any precious stones embedded.If the width of the wedding band is less, the weight will be lower and the wedding band is cheaper, while thicker bands are usually more expensive. The size, quantity and quality of the diamonds embedded in the wedding band also determine the price of the wedding band, if larger diamonds are being used, the cost of the wedding band is significantly higher.



It is important to choose the right size for the wedding band since a band which is loose may slip off the finger and get lost. The buyer should find out the dimensions of the finger on which the recipient plans to wear the wedding band. The band sellers are usually providing a size chart which the buyer can use to determine which size of ring is most appropriate. A paper strip is used to measure the circumference of the finger of the wearer, and the diameter is then calculated from the circumference.


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