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The Importance of Travel Nurses and Agencies

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The demands for nurses soared high when the pandemic started and now that it slowly subsiding the demands for nurses are still up. This season has given more opportunities for nurses to expand and maximize their careers by becoming travel nurses. Most travel nurses prefer to work under travel nurse staffing since it is more convenient and secure. 

What Are The Importance of Travel Nurses?

They Cover Staff shortages

Travel nurses are perfect to cover staff shortages in any healthcare facility. They are the best fit to fill in shortages since they can be assigned to any location without any issues. Since they are hired to be assigned to any place, then they are prepared for such a setup. Being able to contribute to meeting the demands for healthcare facilities has given a positive impact during the pandemic period.

They can be immediately put on onboard

Travel nurses are ready to work immediately when they are called, since they are on standby mode or ready anytime their agency calls them. Travel nurses are already oriented and briefed on their duties and responsibilities, therefore they can perform their duties once they report to the healthcare facility. 

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What Are The Importance of Agencies to Travel Nurses?

More job opportunities

Travel nurses can work under one agency but they can get a lot of jobs since the staffing agencies are partnered with many healthcare facilities. Travel nurses are also allowed to work with more than one staffing agency, which means they can grab all the assignments they can handle. 

The more convenient recruitment process

Applying to different healthcare facilities can be stressful for nurses, so most prefer to work with staffing agencies since it is more convenient when it comes to the recruitment process. The nurses are screened, evaluated, and hired by the staffing agency and they act as their employees. The staffing agency also supports them on every assignment and even acts as their mentor most of the time. 

What benefits do travel nurses get?

Flexible working schedule 

Travel nurses can work when they want to and can rest if they desire to. Travel nurses are given assignments that may last for 8 to 23 weeks, after each assignment they can take a rest and work again once they are ready. That’s why most nurses prefer travel nursing jobs as they can rest when needed and they can have quality time with their families.

Higher compensation 

The pay for travel nurses is higher than that of regular nurses. So travel nurses can earn more if they can get more assignments. The pay of travel nurses who don’t have to work on a regular schedule can equate to the salary of a regular nurse or even more. Another factor that can affect the pay of travel nurses is their specialization since they can do more jobs than they are compensated for that. 

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Opportunity to travel

Traveling and working can be hard for some jobs, but with travel nursing, they always go together. Travel nurses have the opportunity to explore new places as they get assigned to the new area now and then. The good thing about being a travel nurse is they are given free accommodation for every destination they are assigned to work. 

Opportunity to grow your career

Travel nurses will be exposed to different working environments which give them the chance to enhance their skills and knowledge by working with different sets up, using new machines, and meeting fellow nurses and other hospital staff who can teach travel nurses new experiences. 

Can agency nurses claim travel expenses?

An incentive that is given to travel nurses includes getting reimbursement for their travel expenses as long as it job-related. The ones most included are public transportation and overtime meals, since these are extra expenses on your part. The regular meals are not often covered, however, any expense that falls on the job-related list is reimbursed as long as they are documented and with receipts. 


Travel nurses and staffing agencies can work together well in meeting the demands of the nurse in the medical industry since even before the pandemic started, the staffing agencies have already been contributing to the needs of healthcare facilities. Working with an agency as a travel nurse can be better compared with working as an individual.