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Top 5 players in FIFA 20: The Ultimate FIFA Team

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There is always a set of players that comes upper hand from the rest of the team and the FIFA team is no different. Here is the list of top 5 players in FIFA 20.  Now that FIFA 20 has been on the market for around a week and Ultimate Team is in full swing. So, it is the best time to release the first part of market analysis. Based on real-world performances from the past year in the football world, below-discussed are the top 5 players in FIFA 20.

From the street tp Stadium, experience all new things with FIFA 20. Develop your player, choose your gear and expose your style on the streets in football playgrounds worldwide. FIFA 20 has already hit 10 million players in less than a month, such a huge achievement! To celebrate this gain, the team is thanking everyone who plays the game on PS4, Xbox, and PC. For this, they are granting them 8,000 VOLTA FOOTBALL COINS* which can be practiced to outfit your Avatar with some of the latest and freshest gear from VOLTA DROP 1. To pick the coins, you have to log in to your account and enter 10 am PST on October 10th and 10 am PST on October 17th.  If you’ve already started playing VOLTA FOOTBALL, your COINS will be given automatically next time you enter the mode before 10 am PST on October 17th, 2019. Volta Football is already winning hearts and  With over a billion goals scored and around  4oo million matches that have been played, here are all the ways you’ve been Breaking New Ground in FIFA 20. FIFA 20 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Top 5 players in FIFA 20

FIFA 20 has great latest features and amazing gameplay. Along with FIFA, PES 2020 has also been launched which is also performing well but it’s market value will never match that of FIFA. To make the Ultimate team you must have a pool of coins to afford the expensive players.

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5) Diego Maradona

The second player in FUT 20 lets you forget Diego Maradona’s off-field antics and get back to a time when he was less controversial. What’s that? Hand of God? Doping at the 1994 World Cup? OK, maybe Maradona’s always been a bit of an oddball, but with this card, you can use that destructive nature to decimate your opponents. As with Pelé, Maradona rocks the five-star skills, which combined with his 96 dribblings and 98 balance will help the ball stick to his feet much like Lionel Messi. Aside from his 94 finishing and 95 composure, he’s deadly from the range too, with his 91 long shots and 93 free kick accuracy helping him put away goals no matter where he is.

How much you need to bring him in is 1.9 million.


De Brune gets a total rating of 91 which can be considered to be extremely good. The other stats are 74PAC, 86SHO, 92PAS, 87DRI, 61 DEF, and 71 PHI. With his excellent skill moves, he breaks the record every time he comes on the ground.

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How much you need to bring him in is 520,000 coins


The brilliant triggered a fair few brouhahas over the years – be grateful FIFA has never followed in the ways of mid-2000s PES and introduced a dive button – but it’s impossible to feel anything other than love for Neymar in FUT. Picking him up in your team will open a lot of tricks to win. He proved to be the hocus-pocus and advanced rainbow. He can dribble, pass, shoot and kick too. A complete package!

How much you need to bring him in is 790,000 coins.


If you need the best striker, Ronaldo is here for you. He is amazingly great at striking with 94 acceleration and 93 sprints speed. The best way to obstruct him is either by bricking up the goal or fouling him. After all these too, he can find out the ways to play the game. His deadly free-kicks leaves the opponent team all in the dust. His dribbling is superb and works great to throw the long ball. His accurate volleys make him a threat for a whole range of play styles.

How much you need to bring him in: 6 million coins


If you want to see a magical game all over, bring Lionel Messi in your team. he has the highest rating of all the players in the game. He is the number one player ever. EA has made all possible ways to bring the original Messi in the game to reflect his real abilities. But this year also he is a little monster in FUT. He’s going to be near-impossible to dispossess. The good part is Messi is available in the FUT market at slightly lower rates than other players tough his rating is highest.

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How much you need to bring him in: 1.1 million coins on PS4, 1,150,000 on PC and 990,000 on Xbox One.


Well, friends, these are the top 5 players in FIFA 20 that can make the Ultimate team. What they cost you and what they provide you is clearly mentioned in the article. The players are arranged in ascending order starting from top to bottom according to their ratings. There is a long list of players, almost 100, but these are the best among all. Not all but at least try to add one among the top 5 in your team to play well. So its time to start saving!

I hope you would like the article. Share your feedback after making the strongest team and winning the match. If you have anything more to share, mention in the comments section below.

Thank you!

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