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Best Video hosting websites

Best Video hosting websites
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Best Video hosting websites

Today in I’m gonna discuss about Best Video hosting websites available for free and paid. If you looking for video hosting services for free and wants to start your video streaming services like Youtube, Dailymotion or OTT services like Netflix and Amazon Prime videos, you need a better video hosting service.

Why you need a video hosting server other than your general web hosting server? I’m sure this question must come in your mind because you might be having unlimted storage on your dedicated, shared, or VPS hosting. Video streaming service required high server performance also required CDN services to provide data to the user from the nearest available zone, Also video streaming consumes lot of servers resourses and it may crash your normal shared or dedicated server.

Best Video hosting websites

Let’s talk about some of the best Video hosting services with minium cost or no cost.

  1. Bunnycdn is one of the best hosting provider with minium costing and they also charge as you go, so it’s perfectly fine for large or small platforms. They have different storage zone around the world and you can also replicate your data to different zone to provide streaming directly to the user from his location. They provides video player and direct links to integrate to your 3rd party players. They cost 5-10$ for 1TB storage which is awesome.
  2. Netu is also one of the best video hosting websites which cost nothing but to upload data, but if you don’t have any traffic they will remove your file after 60days of inactivity but if you have traffic to your website and video links than it’s good. They also add ads on every video playback and you can earn from those ad also and they will compensate charges to keep the file even after 60 days of inactivity from your earnings. They don’t provide direct instead they give you embed links which is good sometimes but you won’t get permanent direct link for your videos.
  3. Vimeo is one of the largest video hosting provider and very much know but the problem is, if you looking for startup and you don’t have much funds then Vimeo is expensive for you as they charge $7 to $75 per month with limited storage and features.
  4. Wave.Video is another best video hosting websites as they allows you to create unlimited videos clips and give you option to Embed video to any website. They cost Free to $48 per month.
  5. Muvi is video and audio hosting provider to start your OTT or music application like Spotify and Amazon prime music. They are expensive and cost you $399 per month and Offers video on demand with Audio and video support.
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Let us know which one you like and if you have anything new, share with us.

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