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NASA Perseverance new mission to mars

Nasa Perseverance
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Nasa perseverance

Nasa perseverance is launched on 30th july 2020 and will land on mars in February 2021. July 2020 is crowded year for martian travel because of it’s orbit.

Nasa Perseverance
In the past from 1960 space agencies from the world launched total 56 missions to mars in which 6 are active. So many mission failed and almost half of the missions are successful nasa Perseverance is similar to curiosity, which is nasa’s old mission and already exploring mars.

NASA perseverance is upgraded in technology, and have smart landing features in it. Perseverance is using Terrain – relative navigation using a bevy of onboard cameras to study the rapidly approaching surface and comparing it to maps of the landing site, the rover can divert its self from hazards and land in safe area.

Persevernce is landing on jezera crater well it’s dry today but scientists believe it was once an ancient river delta, and thus could have supported life. Sniffing out biosignatures is perserverance’s main mission and its onboard suites of tools reflects that.

Perserverance also have MOXIE, the experiment for producing oxygen, and SHERLOC UV laser that can detect organic compounds.

The rover will leave samples behind on martian soil because perseverance is actually a new type of mission, thanks to the landing technique it will pioneer, future missions will able to land close to this precious cache of samples, collect them, and return them to earth.

Nasa learned everything from there past missions failure, misses, crashes, data from orbitors and experience from past successful landing and it all brings to perseverance.
Nasa states this mission as flagship mission to mars because of its technology and advanced features it equipped with.

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Why everybody heading to mars?
Mars is not only close to us but also similar to us.
Perseverance will have initial mission duration of 1 martian year, or roughly 2 earth years, to collect and sample as many sediments as it possible can. That way future mission can retrieve those samples, which NASA hopes to achieve by the 2030’s.

This time nasa perseverance will be equipped with microphones. So when they drill rocks they can see how hard or soft they are, but they never really had sound or the ability to hear on mars. There’s even an instrument on board known as the SuperCam, which will shoot lasers at rocks and vaporize them to produce plasma which it’s spectrometer can then analyze but also listen it to because of microphones.

Whats new in nasa perseverance?

It has 23 cameras to see.
Newly designed titanium wheels to help travel.
A nuclear power generator as its energy.
And brand new sampling processing system.

Nasa Perseverance will land on mars in February 2021.
Perseverance also accompanied by an aircraft know as ingenuity, which will conduct a controlled experiment flight test on mars for very first time.

Check out NASA perseverance live feed from nasa.

So NASAs new perseverance is all new steps towards future of humans and life on mars.

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