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Nintendo Switch put an all-time record in March 2020

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Nintendo Switch put an all-time record in March 2020

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo switch is trending all over the internet because of its extraordinary last month along with the arrival of Animal Crossing: New horizons game. This game became an instant hit. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the world population is staying indoors. Moreover, in such times, people are looking forward to video games for an escape.

According to the NPD data, the sales of the switch more than doubled their numbers as compared to last year. In his recent tweet, Mat Piscatella revealed the record set by it, breaking the previous one set in launch month i.e. March 2017. One of the reasons for this huge success of the switch is the recent arrival of Animal Crossing: New horizons.
It debuted as the best selling game of March and the second-best of 2020 so far. Also, it has provided Nintendo as the strongest first-quarter unit sales since 2010. The instant popularity of the game has set Nintendo’s hopes high and so it is getting a new update on April 23.
Right now, the exact sales have not been revealed but it’s assumed that the company will announce it on May 7. It will also report its earnings.


Furthermore, Nintendo is also looking forward to a 10% increase in production. Well, this is to meet the demands of the switch, which continues to be in short supply worldwide. This shortage is at an unfortunate time for the company as well as the gamers because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In his recent blog, Mat Picscatella also stated the impact of Animal crossing on the market as well as on the people. They are finding a sense of togetherness and community in such times of social distancing.

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