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World of Warcraft: What Character to Choose

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The answer is one: “Choose those characters who you like”. And to understand what exactly you like, you need to think a little. Let’s start with the fact that in PvE all classes and all specializations are quite playable. It’s just harder for some to get to the top, but everyone can achieve a decent level. The situation is the same in PvP, but some specializations are better suited for this purpose than others. In addition, in PvP, the skills of the partners in the arena and the consistency of the game on the battlefield are very important. 

In this article, we will try to help you. This guide is helpful for both beginners and players who have been playing for some time. For example, veterans may want to try to choose an alternative character. Very often, the decision to pump another character appears due to the fact that it seems that you have chosen an unsuccessful weak class that does not perform well. If this happens, then a lot of players turn to special services to boost wow. This is convenient because you don’t have to do everything from scratch – professional players will take care of power-leveling, farming, passing dungeons, and raids for you.

Now we will tell you how to choose a character for the game.

Visual method

Firstly, we are playing a game, and the game is relaxation and distraction from real life, so your character should bring you joy and pleasure because it’s still a role-playing multiplayer game. If you are creating the first character, then scroll through all the classes, read their description, and look at the appearance. Look at the guides on YouTube, and streams on twitch. Be focused on the class that you liked visually to consolidate the impression.

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If you just bought the game, then you should have a coin in the kit to raise the level to the 50th, but do not rush to use it. Upgrade your character from scratch to fully study its mechanics, when pumping, the game will give you abilities gradually and in portions, which will lead you to an understanding of the class.

Since the conversation has already turned to appearance, let’s focus on the types of equipment. Characters in World of Warcraft specialize in 4 types of armor:

  • Plate – warrior, death knight, paladin;
  • Mail – hunter, shaman;
  • Leather – druid, rogue, monk, demon hunter;
  • Cloth – mage, warlock, priest.

Roles and character classes

There are 12 classes with their own unique abilities in the game. And there are 4 roles (which determine the choice of specialization). 

The role of the tank and the healer is very important in groups during the passage of dungeons and raids WoW. A tank is a melee fighter that has a very powerful defense, a large health reserve, and withstands damage that would kill an ordinary fighter. He creates a high threat level for the add-ons and the boss and forces them to attack themselves, not other fighters. But at the same time, he has reduced the damage (DPS) that he can inflict on enemies.

The task of the healer is to treat the members of the group and, first of all, the tank. The death of the tank will almost certainly lead to the death of the entire group.

Among the classes there are universal ones:

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druid can perform all four roles;

paladin, monk, and shaman can perform three roles each;

priest, death knight, warrior, and demon hunter can perform two roles.

Rogue and hunter (in the survival specialization), mage, and warlock are warriors.

Specialization can be changed at any time and you can use any of the available ones.

When choosing a character, it is necessary to take into account what you plan to do next, and think about the fact that there may be a desire to try other roles, so it will be a good idea to give preference to a universal class with several roles. We advise you to try all the roles in case you like to tank or treat allies.

Use metacharacters

For those who want to be as strong and useful as possible, there are three disciplines to choose from:

1. Characters for PvP

Here we have a lot of options. There are a lot of sites where you can see the top PvP players, but we suggest visiting the official website of World of Warcraft. This site is very convenient with its interface and the ability to view other active characters of the same person within the same account, there is also a ladder of not only characters but also guilds.

2. Characters for passing raids on Mythic+ difficulty

You can watch full statistics in this matter on warcraft logs – the site where you can see absolutely everything: equipment, a rotation that the player did, replays of fights, and much more. Another option is to see the compositions of the top guilds that participate in the progress race. During the progress race, there are constant streams of participants of these guilds, where you can see which classes are in the composition and choose a more pleasant character for you.

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Another way to spy interesting moments for yourself is the Mythic Dungeon International competition. It can be viewed on the official World of Warcraft channel. Here the teams are focused on high-speed passage.

These were separate options, you can rely on them depending on the type of content that is more interesting to you. But as a rule, top players need mixed equipment from both PvP and PvE content, so we analyze the data obtained from these resources, and make a choice based on a set of information.

We have discussed only a small part of the nuances associated with the choice of character. Players in WoW also have the option to do collecting or gold farming and, in our opinion, druid and monk will be the best for gold farming, mining, and collecting resources. And monk in the tank specialization will always be a welcome guest at the farm sites of the mobs.

Therefore, in the end, the best advice we can give you is to try everything, and then you will definitely be able to decide which character suits you best. We hope that our article helped you understand the general principles of character selection.