8 Guilt-Free Magic Spoon Cereal Flavors to Try

8 Guilt-Free Magic Spoon Cereal Flavors to Try

Spoon Cereal Flavors
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Apart from the taste, the nutrition, and the nostalgia factor, could there be even more reasons to love Magic Spoon cereal? This crunchy creation has earned the adoration of the internet over the past few years as a new generation of cereal lovers prioritize health and longevity. There’s no doubt that Magic Spoon has the formula down from the nutritional panel to the throwback box art, but where they really shine is in the variety of flavors offered and Spoon Cereal Flavors . 

This isn’t just a chocolate-or-vanilla situation you might expect from a healthy cereal brand. Magic Spoon delivers across the board with fantastic flavors that bring back memories for all.

Let’s explore the eight amazing flavors from Spoon Cereal Flavors right now and see why each one is worth trying.

1. Cocoa

Real cocoa is one of nature’s great gifts to humanity. With superfood capabilities like mood-boosting and sustained energy, it’s clear why cocoa is treasured worldwide, and why it tops our list as the No. 1 Magic Spoon cereal flavor to try.

We won’t name names, but you already know which classic sugary cereal brings the cocoa goodness to your breakfast bowl. Magic Spoon doubles down on the chocolatey crunch without any of those unwanted refined sugars or weird additives. 

Besides, you get to sip that glorious chocolate milk mixture at the end of your snack – what’s better than that?

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2. Frosted

If you’re ready for a true blast from the past, look no further than the Frosted variety from Magic Spoon. This flavor is inspired by a certain enthusiastic tiger mascot, but brings a more subtle and low-key taste to your cereal snack session.

Rather than blasting you with nothing but sugar, this flavor is more laid back with vanilla and marshmallow hints to balance out the sweetness. Once again, expect nothing less than the high-protein, low-net-carb balance sheet that makes Magic Spoon so special.

3. Peanut Butter

There’s something about peanut butter at breakfast time that just makes sense. It speaks to the inner kid within us all. PB is versatile, packed with flavor, and gives you energy for the day ahead. Plus you can choose between crunchy or smooth depending on your mood.

This is why Magic Spoon’s peanut butter cereal flavor cracks the top three in our list, offering a superfood alternative to the candy-inspired cereal you remember from back in the day. 

If you want authentic peanut butter cup flavors for breakfast (or anytime, really), this is one for you.

4. Fruity

Fruit is definitely “part of this complete breakfast”, right? Okay, maybe you want to supplement your morning meal with a real banana or some berries, but that doesn’t mean you should forego the sweet and bright fruity cereal you love.

If you remember those mesmerizing multicolor cereals from childhood, you’ll instantly get with the program once you experience this fruity flavor for yourself. 

The crunch is there, the colors are popping, and the taste is off the charts with natural flavors and the perfect sweet/salty balance.

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5. Cinnamon

Magic Spoon’s cinnamon cereal may take its name from some crunchy squares you know and love, but this time, it’s a 100% guilt-free snack experience. 

We’ve all got a soft spot for cinnamon and sugar on toast or cereal, so why not make the 21st-century upgrade and see what Magic Spoon can do?

The cinnamon swirls are still delightful in circular cereal form, so don’t sleep on this legendary flavor from our favorite brand.

6. Blueberry

You know that when a company puts real blueberry powder into its product, you’re in good hands. This is exactly what Magic Spoon did with their blueberry flavor, and they succeeded in every way imaginable.

Why does blueberry work so well with milk and create something special with each bite? If you know, you know. We don’t have an explanation, really. We just know it’s good. 

7. Cookies & Cream

We never thought we’d see the day that our favorite combo – milk and cookies – came together in a healthy cereal form. Magic Spoon made the miracle happen.

They accomplished this amazing feat with zero artificial ingredients and no sugar added. The cookies and cream cereal is a mix of light and dark loops, and with the nutrition facts in your favor, you don’t have to worry about eating more than one bowl.

8. Maple Waffle

Real maple syrup poured over a fresh buttery waffle? You’d be out of your mind to turn that down. But rather than making that all from scratch, you can get all those wonderful flavors with a bowl of maple waffle cereal from Magic Spoon.

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The golden O’s are a sight to behold, with amazing flavors to match. 

Have Your Magic Spoon the Way You Want

There’s a Magic Spoon flavor for everyone, and the company makes it easy to mix and match your order every time. The only way to find your favorite is to try them all!