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5 best alternatives to FIFA and PES: Best Football games 2019

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Are you video game lovers, and passionate about football but are tired of always playing the same game? You have come to the right place because today we are talking about the best alternatives to FIFA and PES.

PES and FIFA are the prefered choice for the Football video game lovers but what if we provide you with another best options or games like FIFA and PES? Yes, it looks bored to play same games all the time, so go through our list of best Football games 2019 or best Football video games to play now.

fifa 20
Fifa 20

The sports games are one of the best sellers every year and within this genre, soccer tends to stand out. Despite the popularity of this sport, almost all the prominence is usually taken by two legendary sagas: FIFA and PES.

Each new instalment of the Electronic Arts and Konami franchises sweeps the market, but that does not mean that these games are the only quality ones based on the football. So, today we present the best alternatives to FIFA and PES.

Best Alternatives to FIFA and PES

#1 Rocket League

Rocket League

Rocket League is a game that you probably already knew, but it still counts as an alternative to FIFA / PES. The main theme of this game is that you control a rocket-propelled car and try to score a goal in the opposite goal.

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Depending on the console and the DLC, you can drive Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, the Delorean from Back To The Future, the Batmobile or Samus Aran’s ship, among other models.

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#2 Legendary Eleven: Epic Football

Legendary Eleven: Epic Football

Do you remember the magical era of Pelé, Cryuff, Kempes, Müller, Platini, and Rossi? Maybe not, but you must have seen football videos from the ’70s and ’80s.

Legendary Eleven tries to recreate the style and look of the selections of yesteryear. In addition to its visual style, unlockable cards can be used to improve your players and make a great team a legendary team.

#3 Top Eleven 2018

Top Eleven 2018

It is a “free to play” game for mobile devices and PCs that allows us to create and manage our club. Obviously, the number of official licenses is more limited than in other titles of the genre, but still, Top eleven 2018 is incredibly popular (more than 170 million users worldwide) for being very for its visual interface.

In addition to signing players, online competitions, friendly, etc., It also allows us to build and improve our own stadium, design tactics, and training plans.

#4 Football Manager 2019

Football Manager 2019

If you are looking for a sports management degree, nothing like Football Manager 2019. Football Manager 2019 is a game that can be overwhelming for newcomers to the saga but that enchants all who want to get the realistic experience of club management experience.

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#5 Headmaster

The headmaster was one of the launch games for PlayStation VR, the PS4 virtual reality device. This is a sports soccer simulator that puts us in the shoes of a player sent to the Center for Soccer Improvement, a place where we can improve our ability with the ball. Thus, we have to master a wide variety of head and puzzle throwing challenges in all kinds of situations and scenarios.

So, here we listed 5 best alternatives to FIFA and PES. If you like to add some suggestions then do comment.

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