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Andre Harrell, found dead at 59

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Andre harrell

Andre Harrell, known for shaping Hip-Hop and its culture, founder of fancy label Uptown Records has died at the age of 59. Harrell’s death was confirmed by the Revolt Network where he worked as Vice Chairman.

Andre harrell Born on September 26th, 1960, he was brought up in the Bronx, New York. He was into hip-hop since his teenage days. At an early stage, he had formed a hip-hop duo with his school friend, Alonzo Brown, and named it Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. The duo started gaining popularity with its singles and their “Genius Rap” released in 1981, was their most prominent among all.

This was just the beginning for andre Harrell. In 1983, he met Russell Simmons, who made him join his label, Def Jam Records. Within two years, Andre Harrell secured the position of Vice President and General Manager at Def Jam Records. But, by 1986 he left Def Jam to work on his label, Uptown Records.

As soon as Uptown Records was created, it established a bond between R&B and hip-hop. Moreover, the creations were heavily inclined on the cultural influence of hip-hop. In 1992, when MCA made a $50 million multimedia deal with Uptown, he even tried his hands on producing films, TV shows, and music soundtracks.

Apart from his creations, he will be remembered for discovering Mary J. Blige and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. Diddy had interned for his label and later he recruited his former boss (Harrell) as Vice Chairman of his music network and media company, Revolt.

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Throughout his career, he tried to direct people and mentored a new generation of performers. In all the stages of his career, he tried to revolutionize hip-hop in terms of cultural currency. Furthermore, his works will keep him alive in our hearts and the entire hip-hop and R&B landscape.

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