The most popular educational sites among students

The most popular educational sites among students

popular educational sites
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Educational sites are quite popular among students. But some of them are absolutely phenomenal. Here we’ll discuss the top 5 of them and will let you – as a student – know how you can take the most benefit out of them, like having matlab homework help. Where you can submit your homework and get solutions vetted by experts.


1. Udemy:

The most popular site among students and professionals. Whatever your interest is, whether you want to learn about programming, want to grow more in your own skin, everything is available on Udemy. From guitar lessons to Machine learning, Udemy offers the most variety of courses among all the educational websites at a very affordable cost. 

Udemy doesn’t hire its experts and works on a commission basis and thus is the most popular domain where experts and students can interact between themselves. If you are a student and have something to offer to the world, or if you can teach well, you could also teach on Udemy and help thousands of students all over the world. As of 2021, Udemy has 46 million students enrolled in 644 million courses in their 175,000 courses. Many of which are free.

2. Coursera:

Coursera doesn’t offer standalone courses. They are more inclined to offer you a degree program. Their online degree programs, affiliated with many top universities of the US and UK, are sought by many students who want a higher education from a reputed university but don’t have the finances to go for the offline curriculum. 

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If you enrol yourself with Coursera for a degree program, only the tuition fee is charged from you. You save the cost of living abroad, put away the hassle of moving, and discard the travel without missing a single thing. You’d be given the same certificate, the same education, the same support as their residential students, just online. 

3. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is a non-profit. Every surplus penny they earn goes towards the free education of the millions of unfortunate. But, that’s not why you’d enrol yourself in Khan Academy. They employ experts who are truly experts in their own field and can teach well. The library of their courses range from K-12 through college and beyond, up until SAT. Personalized learning is what makes Khan Academy one of the best among the MOOCs. 

Not only students, but Khan Academy also provides tools to help teachers identify the gaps in students’ understanding and to design their teaching around that. 

4. Edx:

Edx is a video learning platform that focuses on free educational courses to enlighten students. It’s also affiliated with universities that offer online degree courses for distance learning. Apart from being able to take hundreds of free courses, you’d also be able to apply to the top universities through Edx. 

Edx also offers RDX. A research data exchange. Where students can submit their papers to peer-review. If you aren’t sure about your master’s degree now, try their MicroMasters program piloted by MIT. It’s a stackable approach to complete one’s masters without engaging at once. 

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5. LinkedIn Learning:

LinkedIn Learning, formerly known as Lynda, is a vast resource of video-based online courses. It’s designed to be more appealing to professionals, rather than students. But, if you want to take on something, how’s them to stop you! The courses are taught by industry experts in software, business and creative technology. Founded in 1995, Lynda was absorbed by LinkedIn and was dissolved. The courses were migrated to LinkedIn Learning and now are being offered as paid courses. 

These 5 sites are the most popular educational sites among students as per user review. If you are a student and haven’t visited at least one of them, you should now. They offer exceptional value for your money and also certifications, which you’d be able to mention in your CV while applying for a job.

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